Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Winsome Wednesday

Had a good evening. It was still pretty warm out when I got home so I hung out outside for the majority of the night. I put together the other flip flop and it will be ready on Thursday night. I really enjoyed putting them together and now I want to do it another project. I have always wanted to make a table. Maybe something like this:

Isn't that cute!?! I will have to research and see if they have table making sets.  If not, I think I could probably do it on my own. Michael's here I come LOL!

The other project I put together yesterday was an Instruction Manual binder. I am one of those consumers who really does read the instructions on the products I purchase but they are not in one specific place so I put together this binder to help keep them organized and all in one location.

This is a 3" view binder and I put sheet protectors inside. For the manuals that are not standard size, they can be slipped into the protectors. I also put them in alphabetical order to make it easier to find the one(s) I need. You could also do this for take-out menus or recipies. The possibilities are endless!
I will most likely make salmon for dinner with a baked potato and salad. It is going to be cooler today so that will make it more bearable to be inside. I need to research some prices for A/C or a swamp cooler. I don't think I will survive another summer without one or the other. The building I live in is old and has no insulation so it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Until next time...


  1. Love the binder idea....I feel a day of organization coming on:)

  2. OMG - you're after my heart. I have dozens of binders. Too many to count.

  3. What a great idea with the binder, and the slip-in pages are a perfect solution for all of the odd sizes!

    Love that table. You are becoming quite the mosaic queen!


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