Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Saga Continues...

Good morning my lovely bloggie friends. How are you doing this morning? I am doing pretty good, all things considered. Last night, I went home, ate leftovers and tried to stay cool. It was 90 degrees in my apt. (no air conditioning!) so I sat on the porch for the majority of the evening. Today it will be the same but it will get cooler as the week goes by. I cleaned up my stepping stone. I get to take it out of the mold today. Hard to be patient though...

Still Drying
Dave was scheduled for surgery this morning but they called him at the 11th hour and cancelled on him. He broke his femur as a teen and it is still an issue. They will need a special tool to reconstruct his knee and femur so they are facing the same way. Needless to say he is pretty upset about it but what can you do. Prior to the cancellation, he mentioned that they would release him from the hospital about 4-5 days after surgery and that he needed somewhere to rehab. I was expecting he would ask me and he did but I told him no. He actually found out they will put him up in a rehab facility upon release and the social worker will set that all up with him. I am glad I stood up for myself. Katie J in the old days would have said yes. I am finally sticking up for myself and it feels good. Not that I didn't cry about it but it I am happy I stuck to my guns.

I finally got a message from the District Manager of 24 Hour Fitness. We were unable to connect but it has been two weeks and Ben Randall (the club manager) never called me back. I want to jot down some points that I want to make before I talk to him. I really do want to give him feedback AND suggestions for how they can improve the customer experience. It's not that I think I know more then they do but coming from a Business/Marketing background, I feel like I can validly help them retain their customers and suggest solutions to the issues they are having. We shall see how this all pans out. Until next time...


  1. Love the stepping stone. Hang in as the saga resolves itself Katie. Take care.

  2. Love the Flip Flop! Too cute!

    Best of luck with 24 Hour Fitness. Hope it works itself out to your satisfaction.

  3. The flip flop is just too cute!

  4. Good luck with figuring out your frustrating gym situation! I am a Master’s Student in Nutrition, avid runner, and health enthusiast, and I absolutely love your blog- you provide great insight and inspiration for anyone who has ever had a goal to be healthier and happier in their own lives. I’d love your insight on my own blog- if interested, feel free to visit me over at Lucky #13(.1)! Keep doing what you do, you’re fantastic! http://luckythirteenone.blogspot.com/

  5. love the flip flop. :) Did I miss something? What happened at the gym?


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