Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tidbits for Tuesday

Last night was pretty uneventful. It was still in the 90s when I got home and I don't have A/C. Actually, I recently got an Air Conditioner but have yet to install it. I could probably do it on my own but I did ask a friend to put it in for me and I am hoping he does it soon. Otherwise, I will ask a guy from work who does our facilities maintenance. He would be willing to do it for me.

I was thinking about names for my "future" puppy and I think I will name her Kasha. Kasha is actually a variant of Katherine in Yiddish. My grandmother used to call me Kasha and I have always liked it. The other name I was thinking of is Keke which is Katherine in Hawaiian. Fun to think about even if it doesn't happen. Being that I work full time, I am not sure it would be fair to the pup. Still contemplating...

Did I tell you about the hot stone massage? First of all, it is a whole different experience when you are nekkid. The stones felt good for the most part but at one point they were too hot and I let her know right away. Seemed like a lot of fumbling around for the stones; placing them, removing them, replacing them again...  They were used as part of the massage as well and it was extra relaxing with the heat but I am not sure that I would do it again. I had a coupon for my birthday so it was a nice to at least try it. Next time I think I will try aromatherapy. Until next time...


  1. Maybe "Kester" for the puppy?? KIDDING!!! LOVE Kasha, so cute. And so excited you may have a new family member soon. have a good Tuesday.

  2. Katie -- I'm looking for help, I'm near the 300 mark, had this eating disorder for 45+ years, have been worked on it hard for the past 3 but right now, I'm ready to quit ! Hang it up and let be what will be; Have you ever felt this way and what did you do to get out of it ? I just found that people blog and found yours --- so much of your writting is my life.....everyone says its about accountability and community, well I'm a soical isolate, and because of that there is only me to be accountable to...suggestions ?

    as to the hot stones - yep they are good but like most massages depends on the application

  3. oooooooooooooooh now I neeeed to try me some hot stones!!


  4. Sounds lovely with the spa, I am not sure about the stones though, for me I am always hot and to make me more hot, well you might as well use me to fry some eggs....hahaha

    The names for a dog are so cute, good luck with that, a puppy is for sure a lot of work but a fantastic companion.

    Good luck with your decision....


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