Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Table Tales

Had a good evening. Thank goodness it was cooler then the night before. After dinner, I was sitting on my porch and this little family of birds were hanging out by the camellias. It appears that 3 of them are baby doves (you were right Kathryn!) and one of them is a sparrow of some sort. They have been coming by at the same time every day lately. The funny thing is, is that the sparrow bird is helping the baby doves eat - obviously not their momma... They are too cute! Noisy but cute.

The sparrow is on the top right
 It was a bird kinda night because shortly after that I was sitting in my chair and a hummingbird hovered over my head for the longest time! I was wearing a red nightie and he must have thought I was a flower LMAO! It was so cool though.

Remember this table? I ordered it from Amazon and it was shipped by a company in Florida called Bealls. When it arrived, it had some minor cracks in it. I contacted Amazon/Bealls right away and they promptly responded saying I could throw away the table and they will refund my money. Well, I came up with a way to use it and you can't see the cracks. Voila!

I am really happy with it! I love that lighthouse and it looks better on the table vs. the floor. I don't usually turn it on but it really does add a nice ambiance to the room when it is lit.

My cupboards are completely bare! I must go grocery shopping! My plan of action is to get some sushi and then head across the street to the store. I will not go to the grocery store hungry and I won't stop home first either. If I go home - I will stay home. It's just the way I roll. Still adjusting to being on my own again. I really do enjoy the peace. Until next time...


  1. LOVE that table!!! The birds will have a rude awakening if baby Kasha comes to live with you. Have a great day!!!!

  2. I am the same as you when it comes to being home...once in, I'm done! Oh, I have a funny cartoon to send you about that. Check your email in a few minutes. :)

  3. thanks for sharing the story about the adoptive sparrow mama. a nature warm fuzzy

  4. The table is adorable and looks great with the lighthouse on it.

    Loved the story about the birds, ah mother nature can bring such smiles and comfort to us all. I love sitting out on our back patio and just watching it all. Last night I noticed a lot of lighting bugs around, just made the trees glittered.

    Good luck with food shopping....I just hate it all......


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