Thursday, June 28, 2012

Topic-o-rama Thursday

First things first... I lost 1 lb. this week. I am at 254. I am looking forward to seeing new terriotory. This is weight I have lost before but it is a loss nonetheless.

In an effort to accessorize more, this is a combanation I came up with

I have shown you the necklace before (the twofer) but I just found the earrings a few weeks ago. Actually, Danielle got them for me for my birthday. Found them at Kohl's while shopping with her a few weeks ago.

As I have mentioned before, there is quite a bit of construction going on at work. In the process of digging, they found these. 

They also found cow bones on Friday when I was out. The archaeologist took them so I did not get to see them - bummer! The bottles are all ink bottles and are from two different companies. One is Carter's Ink and the other one is Sanford's Ink and Libray Paste. The property belonged to a school back in the 1940s so it would stand to reason they came from back then. I have done a little research on them but I want to do more. As for the bones, this entire area (Santa Clara Valley) was orchards and farms. They actually called it the Valley of heart's delight for its high concentration of orchards, flowering trees, and plants. Until the 1960s it was the largest fruit production and packing region in the world, with 39 canneries. Cool eh?

This is Greybird. She belongs to Danielle's boyfriend, Garret. She is an African Grey Parrot. What you can't see here is her bright red tail.

Say Hello Greybird!

See the hummingbird?
 While we were sitting on the patio, a humminbird came and actually sat on the feeder and kicked it with Greybird underneath. I was amazed! It stayed there for a few minutes until another hummer came along and they flew away.

Tonight I am going to an appt. with my mom to the doctor. Not sure what I will do afterwards. We will all be getting together on Saturday so I will most likely just go home after the appt. I took Lemon Pepper chicken out of the freezer. Until next time...


  1. Holy cow! (Haha I crack myself up.)

    Still love that pendant. Maybe just because it's pink?

  2. I still love that necklace, too. You picked a winner with that one, Katie!

    The bottles are so cool. Really neat to see what is unearthed!


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