Thursday, July 19, 2012

A/C and Accesories

Good morning my friends.  How are you doing this week? I am cruising along thankfully. My attitude is good so that helps a lot. Life threw me for a loop there for a little while with my mom's situation and Dave but things seemed to have settled down in both cases.  Can I get an Amen!?!

Weight was the same. Officially locking in the 250. I can't wait to ditch this fricking decade. I don't want to even think about how long I have been hovering here. That is water under the bridge though.

I have been trying to put in A/C in my apt for the last 2 MONTHS! There were two issues basically. One was that I could not get anyone to commit to helping me install it. A few said they would but never came through. The second issue was that it was designed to go in a standard up and down window and mine are side to side. Dave and his friend tried yesterday and they could have put it in but it would have taken some construction that my management company would not appreciate. Sooooooooo... I went to Lowe's (first time visit!) and found this awesome item. It is like a swamp cooler I guess. They call it an evaporate cooler.

It is on wheels and you can put it anywhere you need it to be cooler. My primary need is for the bedroom. I need it to be comfortable to sleep and this is going to work out perfect. Danielle needed a new A/C for her bedroom so she'll use the one I bought. Plus, I learned a lesson or two out of it.

I just wanted to share my latest acquisition. I already had a pendant from them but I decided to get another one and it is another twofer They are $30 BUT you get two for the price of one which I think is quite reasonable. Today I am wearing it white side up as shown in the 1st picture.

Most likely will have dinner with Danielle. Not sure what we'll have or where we will go but I will be making healthy choices and NOT drinking. Until next time...


  1. I can take the heat (well, to an extent), but if it's not comfortably cool when I go to bed, sleep doesn't happen. Glad you found something that will work, and hey, it's portable - bonus!

    Love the new necklace. One of these days, I'm going to buy something from that shop - everything is so pretty!

  2. Agree with Shelley and Michelle...pretty necklace!!!

    And here's to a cool night's sleep!!!


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