Monday, July 16, 2012

Murky Monday

It's Monday. Had a decent weekend. Went out to lunch with my brother and mom yesterday and did some errands for her. Eating was spotty. Not bad but honestly not enough either. I did not have breakfast or dinner. Plus I screwed up and did not poke and pill either day. Probably why I have a headache this morning. That and the fact that I was up on and off all night worrying about Bogey. I have him in the carrier and I wanted to make sure he was content.

Cuddling with the mama

Bogey was supposed to get his stitches out today but I didn't realize that the vet was closed. So, he's under my desk in the carrier. I am going to run him home at lunch time because the traffic mid-morning is atrocious. I would have road rage in a nanosecond. The vet I took him to is up in age anyways so I should shop for a vet that is younger and closer to home. I should check with friends and neighbors.

Tonight I have the maintenance dude at my complex reseal the toilet and paint the wall so I need to stay close to home. He knows about the kitteh but I just want to insure Bogey is okay. Plus, I have hella laundry to do. Laundry just plan ass sucks. Until next time...


  1. Heh, I can agree with you on the laundry.

    Bogey sure is looking cute!


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