Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fifteen Minutes

Pretty uneventful evening. I was super tired from not getting a restful night's sleep on Sunday. I did not wear my mask because I was waking up to give love to Bogey since he was in the carrier and boy oh boy could I tell the difference. I hate that damn thing but I do get proper rest when I wear it. I look forward to the day that it won't be taking up my nightstand. Someday...

I have been employing the "you can do anything for 15 mins" method of getting things done.  It seems so elementary to me but it works so I am not going to knock it. I feel silly sometimes, setting the timer but whatever works right?  This can apply to any task that needs attention. It is along the lines of you can eat an elephant. You just have to do it one bite at a time.

Have you ever heard of Stephen Covey? He was the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It is a fantastic book and he was a superb speaker. I actually say him speak back in the late 80s with a Marketing firm I worked at. He died yesterday at the age of 79 from complications of a bike accident he had in April. If you have never read his book, I would definitely recommend it. I listened to the book on tape AND read the book it was so good. RIP Mr. Covey. You made an indelible mark on our planet. Until next time...

P.S. Do you wear Spanx?

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  1. I love that concept of 15 minutes. I have often used it, and with you mentioning it now has mae me realize I need to go back to it. Right now, many things are set as priority and I am feeling overwhelmed. Thank you for bringing it to my attenion.

    As for the Spanx...I have a pair, wear it on occasion but not with the heat.


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