Friday, July 6, 2012

My new Man

I went to work like I normally do on Thursday. I was reviewing my emails and sipping coffee when someone told me that he was in a classroom at the school and that I should go meet him.  I was nervous but excited at the prospect of meeting someone new. As soon as I saw him it was love at first sight! He is handsome and a little timid at first but as soon as I hugged him it was love. He loved hugging me and gripped me tightly. His name is Bogart, Bogey for short.
Bogey - 10 weeks old (approx.)
Isn't he adorable! It was a bit of an ordeal to catch him but once I got him we were in love. I took him over to the SJ Spay and Neuter Clinic and he got fixed right away. He also had a hernia on his belly so I had them remove that too. Poor little guy. He knows me for 3 hours and I am already inflicting him with pain. He is wearing a cone of shame too. The Facilities manager is going to pay for the bill! Holy crap!!! I said I will accept it graciously and say thank you. It was $200!!!

Bogey in the Cone of Shame
That is a good story actually. When I was graduating from college in 2001, my friend wanted to buy my graduation outfit. We were perusing a catalog and we found an outfit that included a sweater, a skirt and shoes. She said she wanted to buy it for me but I felt it was too much money for her to spend.  We kept going back and forth and back and forth about it and finally she said "You are taking the fun out of this, accept graciously and say thank you." So from then on, if someone wants to do something nice for me, I accept graciously and say thank you. Until next time...


  1. Kitteh!!!!!! Is he a tuxedo?

  2. Before I opened the post I thought it was a mouse!

  3. Awe, he's so sweet :) poor little guy with the cone, hope it comes off soon :)

  4. So sweet. And I happen to just LOVE animal wearing cone pics. Love them.

  5. Awww, such a sweetie. I'm sure you'll be very happy together. I'm a sucker for kitty love :o) And what an awesome facility manager for picking up the bill. Good things happen to good people.

  6. He is a doll! Please keep us updated with pictures. I love his regal white whispers! Welcome Home Bogey!!!


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