Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spanx Me

It was a pretty uneventful night. Diana, my neighbor, made lasagna so I had a small piece of that for dinner with a spinach salad. I was pretty tired so I made it an early night and went to bed around 9:30 a.m. My little kitty alarm clock keeps waking me up around 5:00 a.m. so I have been extra tired.  My "real" alarm is set for 6:30 a.m. I may have to go to bed earlier or make proper use of that extra time like exercising. What a novel concept!?!

Bogey at 3 months old
I think everyone and their mothers have heard of Spanx. Did you know they have come out with a men's line? Anyways, I have thought of trying them but never attempted to try them on at the store or anything. Well, I found out they had an outlet store on eBay called Spanx Takes Off and checked them out. What I ended up getting were the Hide and Sleek Girl shorts Style 165. They retail for $50+ and I got them for $25 and change. Pretty good deal eh?  They do come in sizes up to 3X so that is good news. I tried them on and they feel fine. Not restrictive like I thought it might be. It will definitely help with the dresses I bought recently. I am going to a wedding on August 4th so I will sporting a dress then. I found one on sale at Target in Navy blue and with the right accessories and a cute pair of shoes, I think it will work great. I will show you the ensemble when I put it together.  Until next time...


  1. I actually love the name "hide and sleek!" Looking forward to the fashion show! :D

  2. Bogey is such a cute kitty! Love his mitten-paws, and his little white chin. :)

  3. I friggin' LOVE Spanx! I resisted getting any for the longest time, because previous "scary stomach-holding in Granny panties" were so uncomfortable. And of course they are a tiny bit uncomfortable, because they're squishing the fat -- but not nearly as bad as I expected. Hmm, wonder where my set is ....

  4. I have a male friend who WILL NOT GO OUT without his SPANX :-)
    he loves.


  5. What I really do like about spanx, is that they never roll like the old granny ones. Very comfortable.....can't wait to see the new dress and accessories.

  6. Your kitty is adorable!! As for spanx, I can't wear them because they seem to give me heart palpitations because they seem to push everything up beyond my waist!

    I remember the days (remember I'm older) when everyone wore tight girdles and garter belts. I'm glad those days are over, and I will now go spanxless, in the name of comfort, even though I certainly could benefit from them. I think they're great for whomever can wear them, however!


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