Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coiffures and Pilates

Another early night... that little rascal is a great kitty alarm clock. I had ravioli for dinner. I am not a huge pasta fan so having pasta two nights in a row is pretty unusual for me. Last night I was watching a new show about adoption called "I'm Having Their baby" It is on Oxygen but if you don't get that channel, you can watch full episodes online. It was an interesting show and  gave me a peek into the other side of the adoption process. It must be heart wrenching to give up your baby like that. I know how it feels from the other perspective but it was enlightening to see from the mothers perspective.

I am getting my hair cut tonight. Speaking of hair, one of my fave gals here at work had melanoma and went through two rounds of chemo and has been wearing a wig for about 9 months and today she is here without a wig. She had straight hair and now it has grown in curly. This is often the case. She looks so cute and it was a major milestone for her to ditch the wig. It was a lovely way to start the day!

Have any of you tried Pilates? I know Mir has and she raves about it. I am interested in checking it out and thought I would ask you guys if you had tried it. Until next time...


  1. I would like to learn pilates but unfortunately I can not get down on the floor and can not bend my knee and such.....I hear that it is great and fun...good luck

  2. So glad your colleague is able to say "buh bye" to the wig! Congrats to her for her recovery. And yay for pilates!!!!


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