Monday, August 6, 2012

Adios Aerobed Etc.

Hello! I missed you guys but boy it was nice to take a little break. I had a wonderful mental health day on Friday. Started my day out at the spa and breakfast with Danielle then I went home and chilled. I started cleaning and organizing and went to town let me tell you. I cleaned out my closet, drawers and even my car. On Friday night, I decided to return my Aerobed AGAIN. This is the not the 1st time. Very frustrating! What happens is there is a switch to inflate and deflate on the bed itself and the switch stopped working and had to be filled manually. For $250 I want a switch that works for goodness sakes and it happened both times. I gave up on replacing it and got my money back. I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond and they were really nice about returning it. I will be writing a letter to Aerobed to express my dissatisfaction for sure. That is a hefty price tag for an item that does not work properly ya know what I mean?

The rest of the weekend was good too. I went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon and I wore a dress! No makeup on my legs and no hose and I survived. No one even gave my legs a second look. I did get a few compliments and one gal said "I have never seen you wearing a dress" I told her she was pretty darn observant. I should have taken pictures but there were pictures taken of me so I will track those down. Did fine on food. Had Halibut for dinner and it was good! Wedding food usually isn't but it was this time.

Speaking of pictures, I framed these two pictures of Bogey yesterday. I found the larger frame at Kohl's and the smaller frame at Aaron Brothers. I had the small one for awhile but never put anything in it.

July 5th - Our first meeting

Who Rescued who?
How cute is the last one! OMG! I have here on my desk at work and I just love love love it!

I am sporting my Fitbit and logging my food. I need to make the next 7 weeks count! Until next time...


  1. I love your cat! My wife and I have a little black kitten that is just a darling. Of course, he shares the house with the other 6 cats and 2 dogs that we have. I just can't say no to my wife when she brings them home.

  2. Awww, I love the framed pictures, and the second one is absolutely perfect! Also, I love his picture on your sidebar with "Bogey J" underneath...cute!

    I love BB&B's return policy. Too bad that the bed was such a clunker, though.

    Yay you for confidently wearing a dress! Pics, please. :)

  3. I love the picture of your cat. I use to have a cat that look just like that. Congrats on wearing that dress..

  4. Bogey's little white mitten paws just kill me! Adorable.

  5. Bogey is adorable! Congrats on wearing a dress.

  6. Cute cat! Congrats on wearing your dress and feeling confident about it! Keep at it!!


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