Thursday, August 2, 2012

Psyched and Not Synced

Good morning my pretties! How are you doing this week? I am doing fairly well. Got on the scale this morning and I am the same, 249. Good news but bad news. Doesn't get me closer to my goals but I am still hovering in the 240s. I must kick it up a notch NOW not when I think I will be ready to start. NOW Katie NOW!

I did not sync the Fitbit so no data for posting today but I am still wearing it so it will track the data for the weekly report. I just need to be within 15 feet. This is what it says on their website. The Tracker will upload your data every 15 minutes provided you are within range of any plugged in base station (about 15 feet for direct line of sight), the computer is on and not in sleep or hibernate mode, the software is installed and running, and you have an active Internet connection.

The reason I am psyched is that I took tomorrow off for no reason other then because I wanted to. No obligations and I am not sick. Just a mental health day :-) I have a short list of things I want to do and I need a pedi so I will be doing that. Also going to the gym is on the agenda. Going to look at the class schedule and see what they have going. Otherwise I will swim but I am going to darken the doorway of the gym come hell or high water!

I love you momma!
I took this last night while we were hanging out. Every day my wittle boy is warming up to me more and more. He actually likes sleep on top of me. I just love waking up to him cuddled up to me. Until next time...


  1. Sounds like a good plan, shame my husband doesn't do that from time to time, as he sure needs a mental health day!
    Your kitty is cute, for a cat!
    I'm not a cat person.. *smiles*

  2. Mental health days are always welcome. Sometimes that day of de-stressing could be just what your body needs to help move your goals along. Enjoy it!

  3. AWWWW!!!! Bogey!!!! Enjoy your Friday Katie.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your day off....mentally and otherwise!!

    I just invested ina FitBit, learning all kinds of new things with it...I think that it's great!!! WIll be curious to see what you think of it...

    Have a great weekend!!!


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