Thursday, August 9, 2012

Choosy Beggars

Good morning y'all. Last night was uneventful. Not in the mood to cook so I just made wraps. Spinach and roast beef. No activity though. I think I may be having a gallstone issues. I have never had them but it feels like I may have them now. As women, we are more prone to them and it is not uncommon for people losing weight. I am hoping it just goes away by itself.  As for the scale, I am holding steady at 249. Not where I want to be but not a gain.

So yesterday I went to get a taco at the local taquiera and sat outside to smoke chill for a minute and was approached by a homeless man. It is not uncommon at this area (by my work) and I am accustomed to people asking me. I usually just give them my pocket change. In this case he said he was hungry and so I pulled out my wallet and had two $5 and one $10. I handed him a $5 and instead of thanking me he said - and I quote - "That is not enough" I had to process it for a minute and then told him that was all I had and that I am sure he could find something to eat for $5 and walked into the restaurant. I was astonished at his response. I posted this on Facebook and almost everyone says not to give anyone any money and now I think I will follow suit. I have been more then generous and figured it was good karma points but in essence I am just enabling them so I am done.

Bogey at almost 4 months old
I've got my Fitbit on, eating oatmeal and hoping to have a good day. Until next time...

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  1. What?! He said that wasn't enough? The nerve. Sheesh.

  2. Wow!! you GAVE him FREE money and he complained about it? Part of me is really angry and part of me thinks, how messed up is his life that he has to complain about that, ya know? sad.

  3. Apparently, beggars can be choosers. Who knew?

  4. Gallstone/gallbladder issues are horrible! I normally don't give anyone money.

  5. The homeless are not sainted angels, they are usually addicts and sometimes insane (or both). There is a reason most of them are on the streets, and in most cases, it is NOT because no one ever loved them or gave them a chance.

    I got yelled at for sharing some crackers with someone, he wanted cash, which I did not have, just the snack I was trying to share.

    I think cash is wasted on them.


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