Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kitteh and Katie

Good Morning friends.  Hope you are doing well. I am hanging in there. It has been a stressful week so I am feeling a little drained on the emotional front. Last night, my neighbor made some chicken with rice pilaf and brought it over for me so that is what I had for dinner. It was good. Unfortunately, I grazed after that and ended up having a little carb fest with a wrap AND a bagel. Blechh... I'm upset with myself but alas today is a new day. In the past, I would have spun out and said "Screw It" but not now. Like the image says, EVERY second is a chance to turn your life around. 

Tensions are high in the office today. Since school is starting on Monday, things are getting stressful.  Construction needs finishing, liscencing needs to visit, the fire marshall needs to approve, etc. I am just trying to lay low and not get in anybody's way. BIG sigh...

Bogey is still a cute little rascal and he is getting bigger every day. He truly is like a kid - watching him learn and grow.

My concern is my lower legs. Like all kittehs, he likes to play and even bite on me which would not be an issue but because of my NLD, my skin is comprimised. I have one spot on my ankle that he nicked and I am afraid it will become an ulcer. Right now it is just a blood blister.  The last time that I had an ulcer I had to bandage it daily for 6 months! I heal a lot faster then I did back then but I am still concerned. Keeping an eye on it and crossing my fingers.

Until next time...


  1. Oh my....I hope nothing flairs up on your ankle.

    WOW where did the summer go? School starting on Monday? Time to get ready for the fall, my favorite time of the year...enjoy

  2. Oh kitten bites and scratches - I remember those well. Part of the cuteness that comes with them, but you end up looking like you've been picking blackberries while wearing shorts and a tank top! Hope you don't get infections - do you wash and use Neosporine right away? That seemed to help me, although I didn't have the skin issues that you do.

  3. I agree with Shelley - wash and Neosporin right away! Hope the issues that have been draining you emotionally are resolving and that you have a great weekend.


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