Friday, March 22, 2013

Light Me Up

I have always lived in apartments in Santa Clara that lacked proper overhead lighting. Lamps help but it always seems to be an issue. The other day while shopping at Costco, I found a set if 6 LED lights that came with a remote and 20 batteries. I have tried Tap lights but the never seemed to stick or did not last for very long. These lights are guaranteed for 100K hours.

I put four of them in my bedroom closet and two in the hallway closet. Up to 24 of them can be controlled by one remote. I think I will pick up another pack of six to brighten up the bedroom closet more. If they are not at Costco, I also know I could get them at Amazon.

Tonight I'm making 48 cupcakes for my coworkers for Spring/Easter. I am just using box mix and Frosting creations. The base is plain and then you add the flavor you want. I got Strawberry shortcake since it is pink. We have Spring Break next week so no school. Wahoo!!! Plus my Fridays are half days so the countdown begins. Until next time...

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  1. Hey Katie! Glad you found the right mask - my husband had the same problem, but we just got a new one and so far so good.

    Hope you enjoyed spring break!


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