Monday, October 21, 2013

Project Katie J

Wow, it seems longer then a month since I posted! Is anyone still out there? I sure hope so!

First of all, I am so bummed about Google Reader being gone. I know it's old news now but I feel lost without it. What are you guys using to read the blogs you follow?

I am healing physically. Still hard to bear weight with my left hand but it's coming along.  Still have a faint trace of bruising near my left eye. My weight has held steady miraculously. My issue has been not eating enough (not hungry) which throws my blood sugar out of whack.

My job was terminated last week since I did not have any more time off available. I was just not prepared to go back yet. They said I can reapply when I get clearance from the doctor but I have decided to wait a few months and then consider going back then.

I have spent a lot amount of time caring for others even to the point of compromising my own health and well being and I need to make ME a priority NOW. Why does it seem selfish to take care of yourself? Why don't I feel worthy? Why did neglect myself? Why am I settling? (whole other post!) There are no more excuses to hide behind. Face the truth and reality of it all and make the changes to enable you to be happier and healthier. I deserve it!

Since it's been awhile since I exercised I decided the Wii was a good way to start. I love music and dancing so it helped get some emotion out.

I do plan on being here more for sure so I hope to hear from you all soon. xoxox



  1. I use the Blogger Reading List to read the recent posts of blogs I follow. Sometimes it is down but I just leave the page and come back and it usually loads. Feel better and yes, you need to make yourself a priority and not feel bad about that. *hugs*

  2. Welcome back! Sorry to hear the healing is going so slowly :(

    I use feedly for my blog reader and I *love* it. I don't even miss Google Reader anymore.

  3. I'm glad that you're starting to put yourself first.

    I use Feedly, which has apps as well as desktop access.

  4. I'm glad to hear you're healing. And you're right, it's important to take care of yourself. I was thinking about you the other day. I'm glad to see you back.

  5. Glad that you are taking care of YOU Kate!!!!

  6. Good to see you and glad you are taking the time to care for yourself. I think many of us care more about taking care of others and ignore our own needs. I miss Google Reader and have been using Feedly but it has issues and I think I miss lots of posts. Take care.

  7. Welcome back! Sorry about the job, but it will be nice for you to have some extended time off when you aren't hurt or caring for your mom - I agree, it's time for YOU now. :)

    I use Feedly and love it.


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