Friday, November 11, 2016

Lord Have Mercy!

What a whirlwind in the last 10 days! I did have the surgery done on my umbilical hernia. The surgery went well and it is healing fine. Before they sedated me the surgeon poked his head in and asked me about a spot on my nose. It has been there for awhile and I told him the story and he said it is basal skin-cell carcinoma or skin cancer. Yikes! When he checked on me in recovery he mentioned it again so I made an appt. with my primary care doctor and have been referred to a Dermatologist who specializes in treating it.The procedure is called MOHS surgery. Basically, they cut the skin microscopically and then test the cells right on the spot so they know how much they have to cut with the least disruption. Kinda scary! There is a 98% success rate so that's great odds.

Last Sunday I ended up with acute colitis and my friend Linda took me to the ER. I had not eaten and had the belly wound and I was so sick - bleccchhhh! I am finally feeling better now and my silver lining, albeit it being a hard way to get there is I am down to 235. It's been at least 15 years since I have seen the 230s.It has taken 7 years total to lose 80 lbs. I plateaued for years but never slipped too far thankfully.

Then there was the election... I have no words but I did drag my booty to the poll though!

Still need to look for work but needless to say I have been a little under the weather.

Until next time...

Katie J

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dia de los Muertos

I mentioned a few times that I have an umbilical hernia. I've actually had it for a long time... I'm thinking like 7 years at least and I finally went and saw a surgeon about it yesterday. Ironically, since the recent kidney stone incident, there were films of the hernia which actually saved me time. He says it is prudent for me to get it taken care of. So, I am having surgery on November 1st. It is Dios de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. It is a day to remember lost friends and family members. I thought it was a fitting day to get it done.

Weight is steady. I have been trying to get more walking in and I think its working. I am down to 241. I can taste the 230s! 

Need to update my resume. It's been 13 years since I've done one and that was the last time I was on an interview too. That's a long time... Still don't know what I want to do for work...

Side-note: I read A Girl on the Train. It's such a good book. 50,000 people reviewed it and now it's a movie which I heard is good too. Just sayin...

Until next time...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Autumn Greetings

So it's been since July that I posted! Seems like I pop in quarterly instead of daily like the old days. Every time I think about when I was successful with my weight loss the blog comes to mind. Not sure if its the accountability or the writing down of goals and objectives but I really should do it for myself...

I am at 242. Any loss from here on out will be new territory. Just to be in the 230s again would be awesome. I have not used my Fitbit in forever. It so hot here in the AZ that it got sticky and yucky plus the horrible tan line. Also, tracking food just got to be a drag.  Excuses but I also think that it was such a successful tool that I waiver back and forth about using it again or finding an alternative that is less cumbersome.

I need to look for a job! It's been 2+ years since I worked. It's been almost 13 years since I applied for any job or went on an interview. Not sure what I want to do either. Most of my working life was in Admin and the last year I worked was teaching Kindergarten. I don't have the energy to do that anymore! I loved it but I just can't do it full time. Need to do some brainstorming about that.  I did get approved to drive for Uber, but I am chicken to start. I also thought about being a Master Artist for Paint Nite between my love of being creative and my endearing personality, I think I would be a great fit. I actually just applied so I will let y'all know.

Hope everyone is doing okay! Until next time...

Katie J

Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Been Moons!

I had NO idea that it had been since March that I logged into Blogger! That's a long time! Sometimes I think I should just ditch the blog but then I am glad I didn't. If anything, I am thankful I have all this history written down.

My good news is I am hovering at 243 which is better then bouncing around in the 250s.  If I could get my sh*t together, I could refocus my efforts. I am in a better head space then I have been in a long time. Would you believe my mom has been gone 3 years on Monday. Blows my mind how time has passed. I went through an upheaval losing her, breaking up with Dave, moving to AZ etc. etc. but if not now when???

I just turned 50 a few weeks ago. That was stressful. I guess it's a landmark birthday so it's not that unusual but I was trippin there for a few. Like my cousin said "It's about counting down now!" The brat!

Hope you all are doing okay well!

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Just wanted to check in and say hello. I am hovering at 248. Not a whole lot to say about that. I am trying to eat healthier then I was there for awhile. No excuse but my fridge was freezing everything and it took like 8 weeks for them to figure out the issue. Meanwhile, I ate junk that whole time. Made me feel like crap warmed over.

I am still trying to walk as much as I can every day. My knee is hurting badly and I am limited to what I can do but I can't just sit on my ass all day either. I just DO NOT want to have knee surgery. I think swimming is going to be the best option to get some exercise without impact. I no longer have a gym membership (first time in YEARS) but I do have access to a community pool here in the development. I just need to heal 2 more weeks and I can go there.

I am getting a sleeve of tattoos. It's Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian and Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I have one more session to sit and it should be done. I will be sure to post pics when it is all done.

Until next time...


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Catch Up

Helllooooo! How are you all doing? I am doing okay. Not too much to report on the weight loss front. I am 252 which I have been for what seems like forever. While I am not gaining, I am sick of this plateau and need to get off my ass and do something about it.

I am thinking of opening up a ceramic shop here in QC. The kind where you paint the ceramic item and I would fire and glaze them.  There aren't too many things for kids to do around here and I think it would be a perfect fit for the demographics of this area. It makes me nervous and excited to think about it. I feel if I take a small step each day towards the goal I can make it happen. I am still batting around names but so far Art from Your Heart is the current front runner.  That way if I expand it to other mediums like glass fusing, it will still be applicable. Have any suggestions?

Other then that things are going pretty good. I have finally made some friends and Sophie helps me get out and socialize. I have had her in 4 different training classes: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced I and we just finished Advanced II. We are going to have a graduation party at the local bar and grill that is dog friendly. Should be interesting! LOL! Sophie's favorite buddy in the class is an English Bull Mastiff named Jackson and he is 150 lbs. I will be sure to take some pictures.

Until next time...


Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Photos

Here are some photos that I wanted to share:


Sleepy Kitters


Dressed Up!

Dressed Up again?

Smoochie Poochie Face

I don't like this tie MOM!

Where we goin?
Santa's Baby
Scoping out the neighbors
My daily visitor

Have a great weekend! Until next time...


Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Hummingbird Story

I have always loved birds. Especially Hummingbirds. Birds have significance also because my dad's nickname was Eagle and he loved the St. Louis Cardinals so my mom decorated with them year round. When my mom was alive, I mentioned to her that after she passes that I would go see a psychic medium and our code word would be "Birds" so that I knew it was really her. She agreed.

About 3 months after my mom passed, I did in fact go to a Medium. A few minutes into the reading, LeAnne said "All of as sudden I see a bunch of birds!" You can't ask for more proof then that eh? I actually have that reading recorded. It was a wonderful experience and everything she said was spot on. Amazing really! Since the day my mother passed (July 18, 2013) I have seen a hummingbird EVERY DAY. Both in California and here in Arizona. Arizona is actually in the migration path for four different kinds of hummingbirds. When I landscaped my yard, I had hummingbird friendly trees and plants put in and even got a screen door with hummingbirds. I also did a tattoo with a hummingbird.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm Back!

Thanks LuckyMama for the check in! I was actually thinking about blogging in general and if it is still relevant and I decided to keep blogging even though my posts have been super sparse.

I am mentally feeling much better. I have been getting out every day and going to the local dog park. It is fun and its good for both of us.

Finished all my dental appts and now I just need to go in for regular cleanings. Uggghhhh that was a pain but I am glad it is over and money well spent.

I did go to the gym a few times with the personal trainer but the arthritis in my knee is really acting up. I did get a cortisone shot in it a month or so ago and it is still painful. I totally do NOT want to have knee surgery. Whatever I can do to avoid it! Ugghhhhhh! I have been going on daily walks with Sophie but even that is painful.

That's it for now... I will be back soon!

Until next time...