Monday, December 3, 2018

You've Got to be Kitten Me

Hello my friends! Hope things are going well for you. I got word that there is official nothing on my record but I still have to have it removed. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! It's good news but it still is going to take time.

I have a new Kitten and her name is Baby. (Pictures to come) My friend found her a year ago and actually bottle fed her. Their other cat, Skittles, was terrorizing her so they asked if I could take her. She is really small but has a very big and bushy tail. Her and Sophie are buddies from us going to my friends house so I knew that part would be okay but Bogart needed to approve. He hasn't chased her or anything. He is a 13 lbs and she's probably 3 lbs so he's like whatevs LOL! Bo is fairly used to me bringing other pets over for playing or dog sitting so that helps I think. They are going to pay for her food and stuff so I am okay with it as long as there is no issues. I would like to rename her but need to think about an appropriate one.

Weight is 211 as of today. I seem to fluctuate about 3-5 these days... So close to Onderland.

That's about it for now... Until next time...

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