Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

I had a good day yesterday. I had dinner with Danielle (included 2 glasses of wine) and still managed to achieve my target deficit so I am okay with that. I did not get any activity in but should be able to tonight or for sure tomorrow.

At the beginning of May, I wrote a letter to my Property Management company asking if I could sign a lease and reduce my rent. Well, I got home yesterday and there was a note on the door saying "Reduced rent for those who are interested in signing a new lease!" When I originally wrote the letter I was thinking... the worse they could say was "No" right? She even mentioned that she appreciated the fact that I have been cleaning up after the other tenants in the laundry room. I will be calling her a little later this morning to lock in the reduced rent. Yay for me!!!! Until next time...

P.S. For some reason, the Workout calendar isn't showing my workouts! I will work on it tonight but I didn't want anyone to think I haven't done anything since Saturday.


  1. That is AWESOME! Never hurts to try and now your helping others too! Kudos to you!

    Congrats on the 35 lbs. lost so far!! AWESOME!

  2. Hey Katie! I stumbled upon your blog today! Congrats on your weight loss! Whooot Whoot!!

    What is the website you're using to get those cool graphs??

  3. Hey Katie! I saw you had started following my blog so I came to check yours out! Congrats on your weight loss, girl! I'm gonna be keeping up with you now, sister! :)

  4. Hi Dawn - Thanks for stopping by and for the whoot whoots! I use a Bodybugg and those are the screenshots. They do have the ability to use their system without having a bugg which I believe is $9.95/month.

    Hey Kasey! You are just toooooo cute! Glad you are in my corner missy and I look forward to watching your successes!

  5. What would it hurt to ask? YAY for you indeed!

  6. Hi Katie, good things come to those who ask, yeah on the reduced rent. You're doing so well Katie taking one day at a time on your weight loss journey. I want to meet you when you look like the thinner photo I made you. That would be cool. Linda

  7. Linda - You're on! We can meet halfway somewhere and go on a hike!


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