Thursday, June 11, 2009

Typical Thursday

Yesterday was basically uneventful. Went to the Fish Market as usual. I had the Australian Swordfish and it was yummy! Only got in about 20 mins. of activity which I pretty much anticipated. I need to step it up BIG time tonight since weigh in is tomorrow. I also need to make sure I get in all my water. Blech. By the way, I had to recreate the workout calendar but now it seems to be working properly. Hopefully it stays that way. On another topic... My brother is coming to visit next week. June has always been a busy month in my family. My folks were married on June 19th, my birthday is June 21st, Father's Day is June 21st, My parents shared the same birthday on June 30th and my brothers birthday is July 8th. It is almost like a second Christmas. Since my dad has passed, some of these celebrations are bittersweet (especially for Mom) and so it will be good to have my brother here as a distraction. Until next time...


  1. As we get older, and our parents age, birthdays and holidays CAN be a little bittersweet. All the more reason to cherish EACH TIME we can get together now...One day, THESE will be the days we fondly remember! Have a great time with the people you truly love!

  2. My parents' anniversary is also June 19! How about that?! 1966 - 43 years!

  3. WOW! Mine were married 1954-1999 = 45 years. I was born in 1966 =)


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