Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bras, Bands and Bugg

What a difference a day makes! I got in all my water and walked 28 mins. and I am down 2 of the 4 lbs. so I feel much better. Incentive to stay on track and keep drinking my water for sure.
Bras: So I got a Sport Bra and I have never had one before. It fits and is snug which I assume they are supposed to be but I don't feel like it offers much support for my attempts at jogging. Has anyone else had this experience? I suppose if I wasn't bouncing too much it would be okay but... Bands: I am going to a concert tonight with Danielle, Karla and some other people. It is Def Leppard with Cheap Trick and Poison! I must admit that I do like Cheap Trick and some Def Leppard but don't know any Poison songs. I know Brett Michaels from Rock of Love and that is about it. Danielle asked me to be the DD so I am going but it is not my kind of concert. Should be very interesting (Note to self: Bring camera) Bugg: I have been slack about wearing my Bugg the last few days but as Shelley commented yesterday, I need to get it back on and get back on target. I think I had a bit of false self confidence thinking that I could "handle" eating and tracking without it but I was obviously mistaken. It also showed me that drinking the proper amount of water is crucial. Hope you are all having a good week! Until next time...


  1. On sports bras, it makes ALL the difference in the world if you have a proper fitting one for jogging with. Well worth the investment on both the time and money spent to make sure you have a proper fit.
    If you check out any book geared towards women on running it should have a detailed section in there on how to go about getting the proper fit etc.
    Congrats on the 2 pounds gone already! Hurrah!!

  2. The most typical sports bra is a compression bra which is great for people with smaller cup sizes. The best kind for larger cup sizes is a bra made from a tighter fabric. Most bras have a high concentration of spandex. Bras made with the stretch-resistant fabric are harder to find but are better than layering 2 compression bras on top of each other, which can restrict breathing. You can also find bras that are designed for different levels of activity, kind of like shoes.

  3. You need a high-impact bra for jogging. It will make all the difference. For now, you might want to get a second one and just double up the bras - that will help a lot. When you have a really good bra, you won't even notice you have boobs when you run LOL!

  4. Katie, you are awesome! I'm so proud of you for getting right back to what was working!!! You put a big smile on my face this morning!

    As for the sports bras, I recently started wearing two - the first layer is a hook-type, and the second layer is a really tight pullover - it seems to be the only way to keep the bounce to a minimum when I run. And yes, my shoulders are a bit sore from the tight straps, but I can breathe just fine.

  5. The best bra I've found for running is actually one from walmart. I think it's danskin. It's listed as a high impact sports bra. It cuts into my shoulders a little which isn't pleasant but it keeps me from fact, my belly bounces more than my boobs! LMAO I couldn't run without it though. I did one day and almost died. My boobs actually knocked the air out of my lungs on every down bounce. Stupid boobs!

  6. Katie - I do the two bra thing also. I wear a regular underwire bra first, then over that a sportsbra. It keeps everything nice and tight and prevents uniboob, wherein both boobs get squished to the middle creating a giant hump in the middle of your chest. Not nice.

  7. I just wear a single sports bra, I'd never tried the two bra thing. I might have to, though!

    Good on you for putting the bugg on and getting back on track. You can do this!

  8. sounds like that will be a GREAT concert! Go 80's and early 90's! :) lol

  9. All these ladies need to know about the BEST SPORTS bra in the world! It is called Enell ( When I was training with my trainer, I had all sorts of issues because he made me do jumps and running a lot. So I bought an Enell bra, and let me tell you- those girlies dont move! They are a little pricey, and they fit snugly, but once you get used to it, you'll never go back. I even got mine on sale at their site and I LOVE IT!

  10. I am so happy for you that you got rid of those 2 lbs!

    I totally know what you're going through with the bras - I think the 2 bra suggestion is one I'm going to have to try, too.

    RE: Def Leppard tonight - prepare to dance, sing, and scream your head off! I've seen them twice on this tour, making those shows #28 and #29 since 1983 for them. I hope you are as blown away by them live as I am. If you're lucky, they'll do C'mon C'mon from their new CD - it kicks ass live! They might do Nine Lives, which is a joint effort with Tim McGraw, but it is rock, not country. Prepare yourself for Rock On - when it kicks in....OMG!!! I hate that song, but LOVE their version. I hope you have a great time - please let me know what you think. Can you tell I'm an UBER FAN?

  11. Yeah for getting back on track and now that you have a good sports bra it's time to try the C25K.
    Have fun at the concert.

  12. There's no help for no bounce. We bounce.

    I saw Cheap Trick when I was 14! I used to play *Dream Police* really, really loud after school. LOL

  13. I like the opera singer bra, which closes in the front.
    All the Army chicks wore them.
    Ob la di, ob la da
    Life goes on, bra, la la la how life goes on.....

  14. I have to agree about the Enell being the best sports bra. It costs a pretty penny, but definitely worth it if you're doing "bouncy" type movements. I recently had to buy one in a smaller size which is good news as far as I'm concerned.

    Glad you got the Bugg back on! :)

  15. Bras: I don't know what you're like, but I'm very ample. I have one sports bra, and if I use it, I wear it over my real bra. I hold firm then!

    OMG, I am GREEN with envy, you get to see Def! One of my favorite big-hair bands! I think you'll recognize Poison songs when you hear them--I know I like the band, but I can't name their songs. lol Is that illogical or what?

    Shelley was right about the Bugg, just do it! =)


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