Tuesday, September 1, 2009


First of all I forgot to wear my bugg again today! Grrr.... I do well during the week during the day with food because I have breakfast and lunch planned out for the work week. I plan on walking with Karla tonight so I will wear the bugg on our walk. By the way, did I mention there is a gym in my office building? They recently remodeled and I have yet to go check it out. It is on my list this week of tasks...

So I happened to get on the scale and I am up 4 lbs! YIKES! It is not my usual weigh day (Friday) but like most of us I step on it during the week just to check... I have been bad with water (as usual) and I drank beers on Friday but that was pretty damn upsetting. It could be TOM coming too... hard to say... Last night I did about 15 mins. of Core Rhythms and I am not fan. I can see how it would be effective but there is something funky about it. I also printed out the gym classes to see when I can go to Zumba and noticed they have Belly Dancing on Tuesdays! Oh my! That might be fun... hmmmm... Until next time...


P.S. Holy cow I have 124 followers. I was just saying the other day how I could not believe I had 100! WOW!!! I am deeply humbled!


  1. Belly dancing is fun! You should try it!

  2. Hi Katie,
    Sounds like you have lots of support now! That's awesome.
    I would like to try belly dancing. I am not much coordinated though!

  3. Yikes, indeed! Don't let yourself get derailed - it's easy to do. Strap on that bugg (maybe put it by your purse when you get home so you won't forget it?) and get back to doing what was working for you.

    Cool that a gym is so close to work - they might have some fun stuff there!

  4. Yeep :( Sorry to hear about the 4 pound gain. The weeks not over yet though, you can get it back down. Often times I've found the scale will reflect bloat rather than true changes.

    Make sure you check out the gym this week! I'm planning on asking you about it on Friday if you haven't posted about it again!

  5. Do check out the belly dancing class! It is soooo much fun!!
    Sorry to hear about the 4 pounds, but try not to let it bum you out too much. Always the possibility of a bloat issue. Just get right back on track and look forward.:-)

  6. The belly dancing class sounds like a blast!! I think it would be fun!

    I'm sure you can get the 4lbs back off.. !!! Good luck!

  7. I like the Core Rhythms kick start. I do one segment with my Bollywood usually.

    I wouldn't rule hormones out. Damn, pesky things.

  8. I am up about 4 lbs this week too, and working my way down :(
    I do belly dance at my gym too (among other things) and it's fun!! Definitely check it out!

  9. I'm sure the gain will disapear with a few healthy choices; don't stress about it too much. Wow, about the high number of followers! Since I started my blog less than a month ago I am feeling pretty happy with the 30 that I have been blessed with. It sure makes a difference to know that people are checking in; I know that it is a huge motivator for me!

  10. lean on us your faithful followers :)

    its all a freakin marathon huh? some weeks up. others down (when it feels like we havent even worked that hard! :)).

    keep doing what your doing.

    keep dancing and the weightloss will follow!


  11. Try the belly dancing! It is a lot of fun, and also a really good workout.

    There could be lots of reasons for that gain, just keep going with your plan, and it will soon be gone.

  12. Numbers, numbers, that is all!
    You're doing fine, Katie J!

  13. I know how hard it is. Try to stay on track. Good luck.


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