Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tremendous Tuesday

Had a really good day yesterday. I went to the doctors to get my cyst looked at. My NSV was that they used a regular adult sized cuff instead of the XL one! Dr. M had not seen me in a over a year. I have had blood tests done and so forth but just not seen her in person. She was very happy with all the progress that I have made and she even said my blood pressure was GORGEOUS! I am still taking some meds but she said as long as the numbers keep going down I will be able to ditch them AND the *$%^# CPAP machine. Yay!!! I am scheduled to have minor surgery on the 26th. Instead of just aspirating it, they actually need to cut it out. Otherwise, they have a tendency to return. Hope it doesn't hurt too much. Ughhh...

Had Chicken Parmigiana with Penne for dinner. It was one of those Bertolli Oven Bakes and it was yummy. It serves 2 and is 500 cals per serving but with a nice salad it was an easy dinner.
I got these in the mail yesterday as well. The multi-talented AND charming Miss TJ over at
TJ's Test kitchen makes THE cutest jewelery. I have them on today!

Sun and Sand (Picture courtesy of TJ)
The other highlight of my day was getting pictures of my ceramics posted online. I set up a blog to be able to catalog them and you can see them here. Let me know what you think. I would really like to start painting again. It is an enjoyable hobby that even brings in a little cashola. I was approved to sell at our local farmers market but I never had enough stock to get out there. It still is on my "list" of things I want to do. Hope you all have a fantastic day! Until next time...


  1. Beautiful jewellery! What stones are they? Is there some moonstone in there?

    Hope you're well and all is good with you! Off now to have a nosey at your ceramics blog!

  2. How nice to get such good feedback from your doctor - she sounds wonderful! Hope the cyst surgery goes well for you.

    Your pottery is so pretty - I love all of the insect-themed ones! Very cool that you were approved for the farmer's market - it would be great to sell there!

  3. That's fantastic about getting such a high 5 from your doctor and the promise of coming off meds. I was able to come off one B/P med but am still on another. If I ever get my act together maybe I can lose that one too. Good work, KJ!

  4. Fandamtastic! I can't believe all your hard work. You are doing great. I'm gonna go see your pottery, but I have to say, "How cool are you Katie J?"

  5. "Gorgeous" blood pressure. . . lol! That's great!

    I hope your surgery goes well.

    Oh, I LOVE TJ's jewelry, how pretty. Also, your ceramics are super cute - my favorite is watermelon bowl!

    Hope you have a great day.


  6. Well, Katie J! Aren't YOU the talented girl! I popped over to your ceramics blog and LOVED what I saw. In fact, I would buy the lady bug things if I could. It would be an exageration to say I collect ladybug things, but I really enjoy them. (One of the first times God showed in a tangible way that He hears me involved ladybugs.) Loved the watermelon bowl, too...and but bumble bees...and the little purse.. Uh-hmmm. love all of your stuff!

    I do have one suggestion, tho. There is no frame of refeerence for size other than the pieces with the candles. Then one assumes that they are either tea lights or votive size.

    If you could list the dimentions, that would be helpful.

    And are you selling these things, perhaps? If so, I really would be interested in the cost and info.

    I used to do ceramics and enjoyed it so much. I don't hold a candle to your stuff, tho. speaking of candle--I would buy the ladybugs and bees candle holder. I would! And the ladybug plate, too.

    I said that already, huh? chuckle.


  7. I love the work you do!!beautiful!!! great job on the blood pressure..

  8. congrats on the gorgeous blood pressure! And the jewelry is gorgeous as well :)

  9. the nurse was impressed with my blood pressure too *high five* though she never said it was gorgeous.

    i love the ceramic melon dish! and tjs stuff is well pretty!

  10. What great news from the DR and it would be awesome to get off the meds.

    You are realy talented, good luck with your little business.

  11. SIMONE! Seriously You do not know what Chicken parm is? lol Sorry katie, I had to pick on Wildfluffy! lol

    Ok so Yippeee to needing a smaller BP cuff! I can relate to that! :) GREAT NSV!

    Hope all goes well on the upcoming visit scheduled. XOXO

    Thanks for the jewelry luv! :)

  12. OMG what a great NSV!!!! Rock On!

  13. That's a GREAT NSV!!! You must have been so happy at the doctors.
    I had a cyst removed in my neck once - had to be put under for them to do it. It didn't hurt that much at all, don't worry.
    Love your ceramics!!! The ladybug ones are so very cute!!!


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