Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Never Dull + A Shout Out!

First of all I have to give a shout out to Kenz at All the Weigh. She reached 100 lbs. lost! Go leave her a comment if you have a chance.

Saturday I ended up resting most of the day until I need to get ready for the birthday party. I woke up from a nap and went to the restroom but I was still half asleep. So I sat down and I felt that my butt was wet. I thought the toilet had overflowed or something and then all of a sudden I got dripped on. I looked up to see where the drip was coming from and the ceiling was a big bubble of water! Great... and now I need to get ready to go. I went upstairs to let him/them know what happened and they popped the bubble to drain it. There is going to be some major repair needed because you can see how damaged the wood is. Never a dull moment in Katieland.

I was only 5 minutes late to my mom's but we got to Mariani's a little early. Aunt Roberta was soooo surprised to see Kevin and Michael. She loved the creamer and got a good laugh out of the story. Mission accomplished! The food was fantastic and abundant. We got some appetizers and I ordered Ahi Tartare. It had a little kick to it but we all thought it was super yummy. Then I had some French Onion soup. Delish. Then they bring you a little plate of Penne with Marinara so by the time the entree came I was pretty darn full. I ordered Tortellini Primavera. It was huge so I boxed it right away. I ordered cheesecake for desert (my fave!) and actually brought half of that home too. Moi? Bringing home cheesecake and a whole entree? Who is this woman? In the past, I would have eaten way more and suffered afterwards. Dave had some of my pasta when he got home and there is still a portion or 2 left. Yikes! Plus my mom sent her Chicken Marsala home with me. It will be good for Dave to have for lunch :-D

Wayne, Roberta and Michael (Son and Grandson)

Wayne, Roberta and Kevin (Her sons)

Today I am just going to straighten up around the apt., get some exercise and plant some Forget Me Nots. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Forget Me Nots (Alaska State Flower)


  1. Wow...sounds like a great night out...Tuna Tartare is yummy and healthy too...good choice.

    I won't tell you what I had for dinner last night...another one of our rare encounters with a restaurant.

    It involved batter dipped pieces of lasagna...oh so worth it. Yup...may have to run today.

  2. Sounds like a delicious meal! Way to go on making progress at eating less and not feeling like you have to clean your plate. :)

  3. Katie I love the positive energy that I always feel from your blog. :) You're a beautiful woman and you radiate...I can feel it from over here! xoxoxo-

  4. Lovely photos! Well done on not eating everthing that was put in front of you - something I've always struggled not to do!

  5. Smart planning to bring that food home instead of eating it all. Good for the waistline AND the budget! :) And those flowers are so sweet.

  6. I'm so proud of your eating habits-you have come so far since I first started reading your blog and you inspire me everyday~


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