Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zzzzzzzzzzzs Please

I had a post written for today but I decided to preempt it. As most of you know, I have sleep apnea. Another lovely side effect of morbid obesity. I use a CPAP machine (almost) every night when I sleep. Albeit the fact that it helps me sleep and that I wake up rested and with energy, I hate that friggin machine. I have strap marks when I wake up in the morning. I have skin irritation on my forehead, nose and above my mouth. It royally bites and I can't wait until the day I do not need it anymore.

While I was on the cruise I did not use it. I had it with me but shampoo splooged in my suitcase and got all over it. Then when I got home I washed all the parts but then lost the nose piece. Well last night Dave said that although I did not snore, he heard me gasping for breath and was concerned. Sleep Apnea is very serious and can be fatal. Well in the interim, I ordered another nose piece and I got it today. Whew! I am tired and can feel the effects of not using it the last 10 days.

Am I at Risk for Sleep Apnea?
Sleep apnea can affect anyone at any age, even children. Risk factors for sleep apnea include:
Male gender
Being overweight
Being over the age of forty
Having a large neck size (17 inches or greater in men and 16 inches or greater in women)
Having large tonsils, a large tongue, or a small jaw bone
Having a family history of sleep apnea
Gastroesophageal reflux, or GERD
Nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum, allergies, or sinus problems

What Are the Effects of Sleep Apnea?
If left untreated, sleep apnea can result in a growing number of health problems including:
High blood pressure
Heart failure, irregular heart beats, and heart attacks
Worsening of ADHD

In addition, untreated sleep apnea may be responsible for poor performance in everyday activities, such as at work and school, motor vehicle crashes, as well as academic underachievement in children and adolescents.

Common sleep apnea symptoms include:
Waking up with a very sore and/or dry throat
Loud snoring
Occasionally waking up with a choking or gasping sensation
Sleepiness or lack of energy during the day
Sleepiness while driving
Morning headaches
Restless sleep
Forgetfulness, mood changes, and a decreased interest in sex
Recurrent awakenings or insomnia

If you have any of these symptoms, it would be worthwhile to have it checked. The polysomnigram is an easy test they use to determine your oxygen levels while you sleep. I even did mine at home.

Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming...

In case you didn't see them, here are the pictures from Alaska. If you are interested in getting a bodybugg Kyoko at Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake is doing a giveaway for one. Check it out here!

I stayed at 258. I feel like a shmuck for not being a good challenger in the summer challenges but given the circumstances of late it is understandable. At least I have had a taste of what maintenance feels like LOL - Hope you are having a good week! Until next time...


  1. Hi Katie, I wanted to thank u for all your encouraging words or post u have sent me, I have cried wolf to many times, I have got to do this I am 62 and I want to be around longer. I see u on facebook alot. How much and where can u buy a body bug? Not sure if it is something I could use..

  2. Wonderful pictures! I have always wanted to see Alaska. Doubt very much I would want to live there but it looks like a fabulous place to visit.

  3. OMG, Katie, just looking at your pictures of Alaska make me want to go, love, love, Alaska!! The first time we went in 2002, we were on the Golden Princess....great memories!

  4. What great pictures - Alaska looks like it would be so beautiful to visit!

    I hope you can get off of the cpap machine someday, but I'm glad you are using it for all of those health reasons.

  5. Katie J...I don't have sleep apnea, but before I lost this weight I snored so bad I never got a good night's rest. Somedays so bad that my throat would be swollen the next day.

    Losing the weight really made a difference. It helped big time with blood pressure and heart rate too.

    And I just had no idea how much better overall I would feel. I had been so heavy for 20 years I just had no idea.

  6. Gorgeous Photos!
    YOu still have sleep problems? I would have thought after losing so much weight you would have 'lost' that problem?

  7. Hey there. I'm a sleep apnea sufferer too. I thought when I lost 120 lbs I wouldn't have sleep apnea any more. But then I found so many people that are thin, "normal size" and have sleep apnea. Oh well. I'd rather use a cpap than have the sleep apnea effects.

  8. I missed you Katie J!!!

    My mom, I think, had a wake up call a few weeks ago. We went on a family camping trip for the first time in quite some years. She had to bring her sleep apnea machine, which was quite the hastle. She is finally taking the steps she should to try and lose the weight, which I couldnt be happier about.

    As for the mask itself, maybe you havent found a good fit yet? My mom went through 7(yes, 7) masks before she found one that was comfortable, didnt leave strap marks and was cushioned enough that it didnt give her any irritation at the pressure points. I hope you find one that does the same until your free of it forever!

  9. Thank you so much for posting about my Bodybugg giveaway!

    My dad has had sleep apnea problems and for awhile I was always so nervous I did too I would quiz my husband on what went on while I was sleeping...but he's lost a ton of weight and doesn't have to use his CPAP will get there!

  10. thanks for this, K.

    my friend's dad passed away suddenly from sleep apnea a couple years ago. he didn't use a CPAP machine or anything like that. they didn't realize that it was so life threatening.

    i'm so glad you're taking care of your self.

  11. My husband has sleep apnea and he hates his machine too! He's taken to sleeping more upright in the recliner much of the time. Soon you will get the weight off and you won't need the darn thing anymore!! One more great reason to keep pushing onward!

  12. I can't wait til you are off the machine too-sounds like a pain in the butt.

  13. I can tell within a day if I do not wear it, I look at it this way, if I wear it I have energy if not, well then I just don't. I am going to read your previous posts, curious how your trip went, hoping all is good and I will check out your pictures. hugs to you. keep going girl, your doing great.


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