Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Not My Fun Day

Good morning bloggy peeps! How goes it? Hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was pretty good. Saturday I did organizing type stuff around our apt. and Dave and I went to my mothers house to help her with her computer and to trim a few branches. While we were there, I scanned this picture of me on her new scanner/printer. It was me when I was 21 years old half my life ago. I remember that dress being a size 16. What I wouldn't give to be a Size 16 now!

Sunday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I had planned on going to see Bruce but decided against it.  We (neighbors and I) rode our bikes to the grocery story and we also tried Pinkberry. I had never heard of it until they put in a new store by our place. This is what I had and it was only 150 calories (sans the whip cream) I got the mini . The one pictured here is a small. It was good and not too sweet. Nikki got the Pomegranate one and it was tasty too!

I did pretty good on food over the weekend until last night. I forgot to eat lunch yesterday and ended up binging out in the evening. It was on cereal bars and string cheese but I definitely did not need to eat them.

Not sure what is on the agenda tonight. I got a new hat for night time exercising so I will try to model it for you. Oh and guess what color it is? LOL!! Dave wants to go watch Monday Night Football at La Paloma's so we will be hanging there for a few. I will have my usual crab tostada without the shell.


  1. I have heard nothing but great things about Pinkberry. There's a new store opening up close by I will take the recommendation (of the yogurt and the mini size) and run with it (Okay, way too much humor for this rainy, dreary Monday in Georgia!).

    And we totally have to take everything one day at a minute at a time...heck, one second at a time...And while you may have totally overdone it with the cereal bars and cheese, it could have totally been way worse...

    Thanks for sharing the photo...what a beauty!!!

    Have a great Monday!!!!

  2. I've never heard of pinkberry, sure looks yummy. Great picture of you! I must be living in lala land because I don't know what color your hat would be but my guess is pink?

  3. That looks yummy!! The picture is beautiful but the woman you are now is someone to be proud of too!!

  4. Sounds like a nice weekend. Can't wait for you to model the hat. Yummy...crab tostada. Never heard of Pinkberry. Will be on the lookout for one now.

    have a great day

  5. I love the blast from the past picture of you! You look so happy!

  6. Funny, your love of pink goes waaay back! And then to see you eating PINKberry, lol! I haven't gotten the chance to try that yet but I hear it's fab!

  7. I've never heard of Pinkberry either, but it looks delicious. LOVE that picture! I know what you mean - I would love to be a size 16 again too. *Sigh*

  8. Mmmm is that a pumpkin flavored Pinkberry? They generally hurt my stomach when I eat them for some reason, but I do like the taste!

  9. i am about to purchase wii sports resort. just thought id put that out there.

    those pinkberry things look delightful but as not as delightful as you. check you out at 21. loving the pink!


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