Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Versatile Sharing

Nice day yesterday on the calorie front. I did some Wii Dance before dinner and went on a short walk with Dave after dinner. We had chicken, salad and sweet potato fries. I forgot they were in the freezer and I like them for variety so it worked out well.

My gal pal, Patty, awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award last week. (Thanks Patty!) Here is my list of things you may or may not know about me. Let me tell you, as time goes by, these lists are harder to come up with!

1. I’m Irish! Until about 9 months ago, I did not know what nationality I was. I learned that I am Irish, French and Indian on my maternal side and 100% Scottish on my paternal side. Still blows my mind.

2. Regarding number #1. Since I never knew what my background was, people that I encountered would speculate on what nationality I might be. When they said I looked Irish because of my freckles and reddish hair, I laughed and said “No way!” Well… they were right!

3. I don’t like my foods to touch. I have tried to be more open minded about this but it doesn’t always work. Recent example of this was the chicken soup I made here

4. I haven’t worn a dress or skirt in at least 5 years. I have a skin disease on my legs called NLD and I am afraid that someone will ask me “What are those gross spots on your legs?”

5. Relating to #4. I showed a coworker my legs last week and she thought that with a tinted hose, I could get away with sporting a dress. Now I need to know what skirt length is in style. Still scares me but I am more hopeful.

6. I like being festive for all the holidays. I decorate for just about any holiday, including St Patty’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. I have decorations for each one in my storage labeled accordingly.

7. Relating to #6. There was about a 10 year span after my dad died, that I did not decorate at all for any of the holidays. It has just been the last 2-3 years that I resumed my festiveness.

**I am supposed to pass this on but I will have to do that in another post.

I wanted to give a shout out to Tanya at the Right to Bare Arms. She just hit 100 lbs. lost through Weight Watchers! Yay Tanya! Go on over and say hello if you have a chance!

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  1. Katie, I was laughing about the food not touching because I couldn't stand it as a child and I still don't like it as an adult. I also like to eat things one at a time and not just get a big old scoop of it and shovel it in.

    I did however *gasp* when I read this - There was about a 10 year span after my dad died, that I did not decorate at all for any of the holidays. It has just been the last 2-3 years that I resumed my festiveness.

    I have not wanted to participate in Christmas for about the last 10 years because of my dad dying. I just want to stay home and be alone. Nobody understands how I feel, but I'll bet you do. Wow.

  2. I'm not a fan of my food touching either! And when I had my little niece and nephew this past weekend, as I was dishing out food to him on Friday night he said, "Please don't let my chicken touch my rice, ok Auntie?" It must be in our genes!

  3. Katie - I did find a great tutorial, but it didn't work for me.

    Here is the link: http://www.bloggingtips.com/2009/04/27/add-a-custom-favicon-to-your-blogger-blog/

    Maybe you'll have better luck. ??

  4. Me again, that tracker is neat..what program is it from?

  5. Thanks for the shout out Katie!

  6. Enjoyed this post. Dress length? In my opinion, whatever length looks best on you is the right length! :D Deb

  7. I like knee length dresses but it all depends on the person....I need to get back on my Wii !

  8. I have to have dresses and skirts below my knees. I hate my knees, but I'm almost six feet tall so long skirts look pretty good on me. So whatever you feel pretty in is what you should wear! Hugs on losing a parent. It's been hard since my mom died in '09. My kids keep me decorating, though.

  9. Thanks for checking in on my blog and leaving a comment. I have enjoyed yours, so I'm going to follow you. I like upbeat blogs like yours. I also enjoyed your responses to the blogger award. I identify with the "no decorating" after losing your father. I felt the same way after losing mine. I had to decorate because I have kids and grandkids, but my heart was broken and not into the holiday.

    As far as food not touching--generally I'm the opposite. I often like to combine certain foods, because it creates interesting textures and flavors. I guess we are all different!


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