Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sore and Sharps

Happy Hump day! How y'all doing? I am doing pretty good. I didn't do much last night as far as activity. Honestly, I was a little sore still from Monday night. I made chicken for dinner and used a Pomegranate salsa and it came out very tasty. I had never seen pomegranate salsa before so I thought it was worth a try and it did not disappoint. Dave really liked it too. Looks like he will be staying a few more days to go to the dentist and some other appts. He has been buying groceries and doing some projects around the apt. so that has been helpful.

Tonight I have Personal Training with Tim. This will be my 6th visit out of 10.  I got a message from my SIL (she has an accounting firm) that I am getting a sizable tax refund. I am thrilled! It will cover the cost of my PT and then some. I decided to treat myself to something else but want to do separate post on that.

I have run into a dilemma with my sharps disposal (needles/syringes) I have been doing insulin for about 3 years now and I have always put the used sharps in a container that I could pick up at a drugstore or my pharmacy for about $5-$7. When the containers were full, I could bring them to Kaiser and drop them off in their designated drop box. Well, all of a sudden they are not available any more. The ones they have are $26 each which includes a box and postage to mail them somewhere to be disposed of. No way am I paying that much! I did end up finding and ordering a few of the cheaper ones on eBay and Amazon so I have some to tide me over but sheesh! I did call the manufacturer (BD) and they referred me to two places I can order them through the mail so I at least have options but I wonder what's up and why the change in availability. Hopefully, when I get to goal weight, I won't have to do insulin anymore. It remains to be seen. Until next time...


  1. Hi Katie,
    BIG yay for the tax refund!!!!!! Have a great day.

  2. I think the cost of the supplies alone would motivate me to do anything I could to get off insulin! Glad you were able to find a temporary solution. Have fun at personal training tonight - it makes me happy to see you sticking with this.

  3. My husband has Chron's and gets biweekly shots. We've picked up small sharps containers at Target before. I KNOW they were cheap, 3 or 4$ a piece i think. Not sure if that would work for you, but you might want to check there, especially if you already have a disposal location.

  4. How fantastic that the tax return covers the PT, what a great thing :D I don't know if I get one yet, fingers crossed :D


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