Monday, June 18, 2012

Green and Obscene

How was your weekend?

I'm green this morning. Self-inflicted but still green. I over indulged in cocktails yesterday but I had a really good day in spite of it.

Saturday I stayed at home and tried to organize things. It was a scorcher so I did my best to keep cool. I used the toaster oven to cook dinner because it was so hot but I wasn't up for bbq'ing.  Too hot to really do much of anything.

Sunday I was up early because I took Dave's granddaughter to work. I got my car washed and then called Danielle. It was the 1st time I have seen her since Dick passed and her trip to Seattle. We laughed and cried about him and the awesome things he did in his life. We went down to the bar so she could do some paperwork and that's when I started to imbibe... no meds and no insulin mind you... plus no food... recipe for disaster but I managed.

I generally try not to talk smack about anyone but... I can't help but share this:  What was obscene was this lady who was very ample in her chest and was exposing basically her entire torpedo boobs under a very tight and white spandex top. She is sporting like HH sized boobies. THEN on top of that she was wearing sheer leggings and you could see her entire dimply butt. I have no idea what the front looked like but the back was mortifying. It was obscene!! I am not a prude and believe in being and feeling sexy but that just crosses the line in my humble opinion. I have been ample most of my life and in my younger years, I did dress a little sexier but always tried to be tasteful about it. The worse thing I would show was a little cleavage. To each his/ her own I guess. Until next time...

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  1. Yikes. Sounds like quite the fashion faux pas!!! (I did laugh at the expression torpedo boobs though...that was a new one for me) Have a great day Katie. Feel better.


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