Friday, June 15, 2012

Streaks and Shoes

Had a good night. I made some Dover Sole that turned out yummy. I breaded it with panko and then seasoned it with lemon pepper and assorted spices and it was delish. Served it with some Asian noodles and green beans. Plus I have leftovers now that I am cooking for one.

I saw this app on Steven's blog and thought it was a great way to show consecutive days of exercise. I did Just Dance 2 last night for 30+ mins so that was Day 1. My objective is to do 30 mins of exercise per day and track it here. At home I have another calendar which I will write what I did.

The comments I got about the gentleman I met at lunch Wednesday were interesting. Most of you said I should call him back and not let the time he called be an issue. But, the guys I spoke to about it said "booty call" bwahahahahaha... I will let him call me and we'll see what happens.

My employer has a very strict dress code. They are also very specific about what types of shoes we can wear. They must be closed toe and closed heeled. That means no sling backs, mules, peep toe or sandals which is a bummer because most of my shoes are those styles... anyhoozle... I have been buying my shoes from Easy Spirit for years. They used to have local retail shops but nothing is within a 100 mile radius now so I am forced to shop online. Of all the purchases I have made, I have never had a problem with them. I have only had to return 2 pairs out of say 15 pairs. Well the other day I ordered a pair of black pumps. They were $89 plus tax. I got them in the mail and opened the box up and smelled shoe polish. I thought it was kinda odd but when I pulled them out of the box I could see why

It is a little hard to tell but there is a big scuff mark on the top that they tried to cover with shoe polish. There is also some small marks on the side that were touched up.

In all the years I have been dealing with Easy Spirit, I have never had an issue but this was upsetting. Spending $89 on shoes is hard enough then to have them be damaged and resold straight up pissed me off.  I did call customer service and she was as surprised as I was. They are going to send another pair and will cover all the shipping costs to get me the new ones and return the old ones. Still a hassle but she was very apologetic which helped. Hope you have a good weekend. Happy Father's Day to those of you who will be celebrating. Until next time...


  1. How crazy about the shoes! Glad they are making it good. :)

    I look forward to seeing your calendar full of X's in a few weeks - nice start!

  2. Just curious- why is your employer so picky about what kind of shoes you can wear? Have they ever given a reason? That's so strict!

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  4. I absolutely hate that from companies, especially obviously ordering from online. Do they think that they are pulling the wool over our eyes? Then again some people will accept this and anything and not complain. So glad you are getting a new pair. My girlfriend also has to have closed shoes at her work. She is always looking for shoes.

    Good for you with the calendar......hope to see many x's.


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