Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sh*t and Recommit

S.H.I.T. = Sure Happy It's Thursday ---- Have you heard that before?

**Grrrrrrr! I had this whole post written out and I deleted it by mistake! Pffffffttttt!!!**

Mission accomplished with the grocery shopping. I did it backwards though. I went straight to the store and then got something to eat. I had a tuna sandwich from Togo's instead of sushi. Sushi is better with friends and unfortunately not many of my friends like sushi.

As I mentioned before, I am recommitting to losing this weight. I am shooting to be as close to 100 lbs. lost by Fitbloggin12 as possible. I am hovering at 255. Having something to shoot for worked for me before (Alaska Cruise) so I am hoping it will be enough incentive to do it again. Talking about it will get me no where though. Doing it is how I will achieve it!

I just had to share this. So yesterday I was on my lunch and a nice looking gentlemen approached me and started chatting.  He works in the neighborhood and asked me if I would like to go out for a glass of wine in the near future.  I thought it sounded good. He gave me his number and then I eventually texted him mine. So I was figuring it was about a 50/50 chance he would call but I was fine either way. He called at 9:57 p.m. last night! WTH??! You are not going to win points with me like that. It's not like it is that late but it is a week night. I did not call him back and probably won't. Oh well... Until next time...



  1. You should totally call him back!! It might have been a little late, but not late enough to show any kind of real rudeness... sometimes I go to bed pretty early, but that doesn't mean people are supposed to know that haha

    It just sounds so lovely and he took a risk putting himself out there... give him a chance :D

  2. You should definitely call him back! I agree that I won't call most anyone after about 9 p.m. but not everyone feels that way.

    And, in regards to your food/exercise/diet plan, in the immortal words of Nike, "Just Do It."

  3. Call him back! He made the call before 10:00 pm, which a lot of people consider the cut off least thats my cut off time. Just my opinion :).

  4. You should call him back... at 2 a.m. ;)

  5. Funny you should talk about how late this gentleman called you! My sister was recently asked her contact informatin and asked me my opinion of the gentleman who asked. My response, "He seems nice. If he calls you the same day you gave him your information, then he's worth getting to know. If he waits too long, then he's not all that interested." He called that evening....

  6. Ooh, I hate that accidental delete! :(

    I've been out of the dating world for so long that I'm no help - interesting how everyone thinks you should call him back! Are you gonna?

  7. a new adventure - do it, call him back!

  8. I call people all the time at that time. I consider the cut off to be 10pm. I would not throw someone away over that. you could be missing out on getting to know a nice guy over something that most people would think is a silly reason. Just trying to keep it real. :)


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