Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flirting with the 40s

Good morning ladies and gents (if there are any gents reading) Hope you are all having a good week. Since it is Thursday, that means it was weigh day and I am at 249! I am happy to see the 240s again but I am guarded as I have been here before. The lowest I got was 248 so if I push hard this week I can blow through that number and be in new territory. That also means 4 more lbs. to reach 70 lbs. lost. That will be a great milestone but I have lots more work to do for sure.

I have to find my mom a new doctor. Her doctor decided that since I was questioning her treatment of my mother that she would write us a "piss off" letter and say she is terminating the relationship and will not see her under ANY circumstances after August 13th. A 30 day notice basically. My mom had been going to that same office for almost 40 years! Her original doctor retired and she got Dr. Sunitha Gubbala by default. In one of the conversations with her nurse, the nurse said they had "too many patients" to be able to return calls!! I was mortified at her response. Is that what it has come to???

It is probably best for everyone involved BUT my biggest issue is her accountability. She made errors and I called her on them and instead of addressing the issue, she avoided it by ousting us out the Medical Group. It even says she is unable to see other doctors in that practice.  I do plan on writing a letter after we find a new doctor. I will copy every doctor in her office, Medicare and her supplemental insurance as well as the AMA.

To end on a more positive note, this is the latest toy I got for Bogey. He had a field day with it when I brought it home last night. It is called Fatcat - I ordered the fishing pole from eBay so that should be really fun too. Every day he is getting more adjusted to me. I have had him for a month now can you believe it! Until next time...


  1. Sorry about the drama with your mom's doctor - like y'all NEED that, you know?

    Cute kitty toy. I had a similar one for my cats back when they were kittens, and they loved it. So did Paco, unfortunately.

  2. Good for you for planning on following up. She needs to be held accountable for that.

  3. Don't forget to notify your state's Medical Board. They're the ones who can really make a difference.

  4. Congrats on reaching the 240's!

    Regarding the doctor, many don't like being questioned, and don't appreciate patient advocates such as yourself. It happens all the time here in Florida. Good for you for standing up to her!

  5. Wow! Almost 70 pounds is amazing. You're really doing good and I bet you feel so much better. I see the 70-pound treat is a Vera Bradley purse. I had to google that brand because I've never heard of it. Beautiful colors, I can see why you like them.

    About the doctor, that just infuriates me. Sounds like a terrible doctor and I hope your letter has an impact on how she treats people. What is so sad is that our medical folks, although highly skilled and educated are sometimes lacking in human compassion and kindness. I've experienced it myself with my brother-in-law, my sweet sister and now my father-in-law. Fortunately for every jerk doctor out there, there are many more that have a heart and will answer the endless questions us laymen have for them.

    Funny thing (well sort of), I just received all the medical records for my sister from her two-week hospital stay right after her stroke in Fairbanks (she has an appointment with a big-name neurologist next month in Seattle). I saw a comment written by one of my sister's main doctors in the hospital. He said the family asked endless questions. He sounded annoyed in his comment, although fortunately, he never displayed that annoyance to us.

    I've also noticed that if the elderly or otherwise compromised person doesn't have an advocate for them when it comes to medical care, they don't always get the best of care. I could tell you some really disturbing stories about both my sister and my father-in-law.

    Good luck on finding a new doctor. Btw, I just looked up this doctor you mentioned. There are some bad reviews out there, which obviously were not written by you, but had similar complaints. She also received her medical degree in India in 1998. There's a reason so many Indians come to the U.S. for their education. I work with a few folks from India (one is a very good friend of mine), and they told me our universities are superior on all levels. Just a thought.


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