Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eight One

Went to the Laser appt. I did not take the ibu's but I did use the numbing cream and that seemed to help with some of the pain. It is to be applied an hour before and I only did it like a half hour before. What we go through to look good huh? Dayum! I have 4 more treatments after this one. Went to my mom's after the appt. and had dinner there. It was salmon, baked potato and asparagus. Delish!  Her caregiver, Lena is a pretty good cook so that helps.

I looked back in my blog and when I was most successful, I was posting my calories consumed and calories burned from my bodybugg. It helped keep me accountable and on track. While I haven't gained any weight (thank GOD!) I have not lost much in the last year or so either. I don't think I will ever make total peace with food but I have made substantial changes in my mindset and my consumption.

What I plan to do is get the details from my Fitbit and post them here like I did before with my bodybugg. I really would love to achieve my goal by the time I go to Fitbloggin12 and I think this will definitely help me achieve my goal. That and getting off my arse and exercising more! Until next time...


  1. Anything that makes you move more!

  2. I am also for anything that gets you moving. I like motivation and I am going to check into a Fitbit. I also love salmon. Have a great day.

  3. I love my fitbit and am wearing it every day. Funny how a little gadget encourage you be more active. I usually check my counter around midday and know when I have to kick it up a bit. I don't have any friends on fitbit though (not a popular item over here in Belgium), so if you want some extra motivation on the fitbit website as well, just holler :) (e-mail is on the blog)


  4. Owie! I hate tweezing...I can't imagine what that little laser feels like. Yikes!

    Glad to see you'll be posting your stats again. Whatever can get the fire goin' under your butt is a GOOD thing. Go for it, gal!

  5. Hi Katie,
    I stumbled upon your blog while searching out something Bodybugg related and started reading. Funny how we've gone through some of the same things recently - I have 1 laser hair treatment left, can't wait til it's over. My Bodybugg gave out in the spring after over 3 years with it. I decided to replace it with a FitBit also. After a couple months with the FitBit, I realized I did not pay nearly as much attention to it and resulted in gaining 7 of the 33 lbs I had lost from Jan-April. The small size of it clipped to my bra, the automatic uploading information, no beeps to tell me I've reached my goals, etc. It just wasn't holding me as accountable as BodyBugg did. I decided to buy a new Bodybugg. The price has significantly dropped to the same as FitBit for the armband only. My old digital display still worked, so I was good with that. For the moment I am wearing both just to compare numbers. For the most part, it seems that BB says I burn 10% more calories than FB says, but FB says I am walking about 10% more steps per day than BB says. It's hard to compare activity because they measure them differently.

    It's only been 6 days since I got my new Bodybugg and I have already turned up the heat, getting my 10,000+ steps in 4 of those days. As for wearing it on my arm, I quit. I cut the elastic off of it so it was still in its little protective case. I think moisture got into the plug of my old one because I didn't keep it in the case. I wear it tucked inside my bra band on the left side of my body. It is just inches away from where it was on my arm and from what I could tell when I checked numbers doing this compared to my arm, they are very close to the same.

    How to get around the less-than-great BB food logging system. I log my food with MyFitnessPal, then make one entry to BB website per day with the totals from the FitnessPal website. It's an extra step, but it beats trying to fiddle with the bugs of BB food logging.

    Good luck! I'll have to keep up with your blog now to see how you're doing. For me, I lost 33, gained 7, now getting back with it with the goal of losing 40 more.


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