Tuesday, October 23, 2018


As I mentioned I was working a part time job at a local Preschool. Well as of Friday I was suspended due to not being able to get fingerprint clearance based on something that happened in August of 1985 but the record is false. I worked there for 7 months and 1 day but until I get this rectified I am suspended. This occurred when I was 19 and that was 33 years ago. Also CA (and PA) manage their own records so it is s different process. I have to request records to see what shows up and and it is 3-7 days. Once I get it cleared, I will have to get AZ to release me for clearance. Bureaucratic Bullsh%$ at it's finest. Apparently AZ goes back 99 years. SMDH!!!!!!!! While I am not working, I am also looking for a new job. Ughhhhh!!!!!!

Weight is holding steady... Nothing new to report really. Saggy skin does suck though. I have had some issues. In my dream world I would get skin surgery but I don't see that happening. I am getting a little better at body acceptance but it's hard to retrain the brain if you know what I mean.

My mother has been gone since July 18, 2013. When we packed her house there were things we did not want to delve into at the time so we got a P.O.D. We prepaid a year and then time marched on. and meanwhile I have moved to AZ but it was still in CA. We eventually got it out and had it shipped Meanwhile we spent thousands of dollars to have this stuff stored. Well it is still in my garage and I have only gone through one of the boxes. I know I would feel so much better if it was dealt with but there it sits suspended...

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  1. Wow, so sorry to hear that you were suspended! I hope you are able to get it sorted out soon. Also, I thought I would share that my mom passed away two years ago. We did a similar thing by taking some things but storing alot of the stuff in my sisters garage. We still haven't gone through it. It is tough since it is both physically a fair amount of work and emotionally challenging. Good luck to you, maybe this time is just the time you need to get into that.

    1. Thanks Katherine. Still haven't delved into the stuff yet. In fact, just thinking about holiday decor and ornaments made me want to cry. Losing a parent is so hard! I'm sorry about you losing your mom too.


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