Friday, November 21, 2014

Bye Bye Fuzzies

What's with all these boxes momma?
Today was the day that I relinquished Otto and Cindy. I know in my rational mind that they are going to be fine and that I made the right decision but it didn't make it any easier to watch them go... They went to someone I know although D did the arrangements. I set them up with all their toys, new cat boxes, new carriers, food bowls and their blankets etc.

 I have never really owned my own pet(s). We had dogs when I was growing up and when I was a teen and a nanny, I had a cat (Tripper) that stayed with the family.

So now its just Bogart and I. Honestly, I think he will be just fine without them. He may miss them for a minute but now he gets ALL of my attention and doesn't have to share anything lol... Plus Otto was an attention hog and used to bulldoze Bogey when I was giving him kitty love.

Everything is topsy-turvy right now with all the boxes and packing supplies. We are two weeks away from move day. Scary, exciting, happy and sad all at the same time.

Until next time...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Clutter and Chaos!

Well it is now official. I am a homeowner! Phew! It is so exciting! Woot Woot!

With that excitement comes the preparation for getting to my new home. My brother Bob offered to help me move and his schedule was for me to move December 5th. That is basically 3 weeks from now. Yikes!!! Not a whole bunch of time. Its as good a time as any and probably better to just rip the Band-Aid off.  I started packing today and have some people who have offered to help but you know how that goes... at least in my experience. People say they will help but its just lip service.

One major decision I made is to only take Bogart with me. I have had Otto and Cindy for almost two years now and when I made the final decision to buy the house, I decided that I wasn't going to be able to manage all three of them.  I never intended to be their forever home. I love them with all my heart but having 3 animals and the upkeep that comes with it has just worn on me. At one point, I thought it was possible but after a lot of thought and contemplation I made the decision. They technically do belong to D but she cant take them so it has been an issue. I just hope and pray that it all works out but I am also going to stand behind my decision. I have purchased carriers, cat boxes and food so that whoever takes them will be fully set up. 

My health has been sketchy. I got lax about poking the belly. Its been weeks since I had done it but I got back on it today. The good news is I got a new mask for my CPAP machine and it no longer leaves indents on my cheeks. Can I get an Amen!?!  I need to stay healthy during the move! Its going to be stressful enough without feeling badly.

Until next time....

Friday, October 31, 2014



This is Bogart peeking out from behind a pumpkin plant yesterday. I planted it about a month ago. It went gangbusters in a really short period!

This last month has been life altering my friends. I have decided to move to AZ from CA. I have never moved out of basically a 15 mile radius from where I grew up. It's a BIG move but I really think that it is time for me to make a change. Now that my folks are gone I'm in a position of being able to move wherever I want to and and the thought of it is super exciting! The cost of living here in Arizona is way cheaper than California let me tell you. There is no way that I could afford to buy anything in California but it's an option here in Arizona. Plus I have a friend that I grew up with that lives here. We have been friends since we were seven years old. Over the summer I have been here to visit four times and I'm here now getting ready to do a final inspection on a house. Who would've ever thought??? In my mind it's a win-win all the way around. 

It's going to be very hard to say goodbye to my friends in California but this opportunity is too good to pass up. 

My weight is the same.... I have been doing a little strength training but that's about it...

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Out of the Clouds...

You know you have not been blogging or reading blogs when someone had a baby and you didn't know. I have been so caught up in my own crap that I have barely poked my head out.

There are so many thoughts spinning around my head. First off, I am hovering at 248. At least I am out of the 250s but I need to get off my ass. Plain and simple. Even if they're half steps there still in the right direction. No sugar coating it.

I actually wrote an old fashioned list of blog topics. The way my mind has been working, I need to write everything down to retain it these days.

One thing I have always wanted to do is learn a language. I have heard that Rosetta Stone is a good way but it very expensive. Well, I got Spanish Levels 1-3 at 65% off retail and I have finally started doing it. So far, I have only completed one lesson but I got an 86% so not too shabby. 

Still trying to figure out how to read blogs again. I am going to give Bloglovin a try. I used Feedly on my phone and it was just okay.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Uncharted Territory

For the past 3ish years, I have maintained my 65 lb. weight loss. I've been bouncing between 250-255 all this time. Given what I've been through during that time, I am thankful for that. Anxiety makes me not want to eat. That is not good for me but it is what happens.

I have been in AZ visiting my friend Kari. We've known each other since 1st grade. She lived across the street. I happened to step on her scale and I'm actually 246 which is fantastic to me. 

Here we are at the swim up bar. The bar stools are actually in the pool. Super fun but boy oh boy it was a lot of sun and drinking.

Spending time with Kari has reminded me that I am capable of accomplishing goals and that I am a good person. I guess I was so entrenched in my negative mindset that it was nice to hear objective feedback from someone who has known me for 40 years...

I'm flying home today and do plan on coming back in a month or so. This is actually the third visit since May. We went and looked at houses yesterday. Housing is way cheaper here then in Cali. I can actually afford something here as my mortgage payment would be equivalent to my rent at home ($1,325) which just blows my mind! Yes it's hot here but dry heat to me is more tolerable then humidity.

Hope you all are doing well. I need to figure out a new way to read my fave blogs. Any suggestions?

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tattoo You

I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old.  It was a heart with a lightining bolt on my right ankle. It was 1985 so it was definitely before they were mainstream.  I hid it from my parents with a bandaid for a few years. My Dad said "You got a tattoo? You're a weirdo!" I thought he told my mom but he didn't and she was not a happy camper either. My brother said "Biker chick" 

I do have a sun on my upper thigh as well.  I was playing it conservitive. I wanted the option to be able to hide them if neccessary.  When I was working full time it was imperative that I maintain a professional appearance.

Well... now I have a total of 6 of them. Four of them I have had done in the past 6 weeks. It is true, they are addicting!  The first one is a ladybug which is on the back of my neck. I told him what I wanted and he mapped it out for me.  If my hair is down, my hair covers it

The next one I planned out was a hummingbird.  The meaning behind it actually deserves it's own post but this one is on my right shoulder.  Nani 'Oe means You are beautiful" in Hawaiian. 

As I was getting the hummingbird done (took 2.5 hours) I saw a drawing of Little Cat on the wall. The artist had drawn it and I just adored it so I ended up getting him on my left shoulder. I love that he is farting too. My mom used to call me fart blossom so it was appropriate.

The last one I got was the peace sign daisy. As you can see it is below the ladybug.  I'm a hippie chick (actually a product of hippies) and I love pink.

I am still healing the last three. Especially the cat because he has some thicker lines like on his collar. It is a little hard to reach them so I have been asking my neighbor or friends to help moisturize them. I am not going to sugar coat it but they do hurt.  It's hard to explain but instead of stressing on the pain, it was better to relax and enjoy the proccess.  It seems backwards but it does work.

I can still cover them up for the most part if need be but I also have enjoyed the process of getting them.  I have had both good and bad reactions to them but I am proud to have them and feel a sense of freedom being able to do what makes me happy.

Until next time...

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Oh my its been since May since I posted?!? Yikes!

Well I am going to commit to being here blogging more and I need to get off my arse and get moving again. The bad news is I have not lost any more weight in the last year (or two) but then by the same token it is a good thing. As I have said in previous posts, this has been a humdinger of a year and the fact that I didn't drown myself in food is a good thing. I am 250 as of today.

So back to basics, back to using the Fitbit and logging foods. It is what worked for me before and I'm hoping it works again. Posting here provided me with accountability and it is truly cathartic to get my thoughts out of my head.

Hope you are all doing well! Until next time...