Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Grounded

Hello my friends! How was your weekend? Hope you enjoyed it! Mine was productive which helped me immensely. I always feel so much better when things are organized. I cleaned up this one corner that has been driving me batty and this is how it looks now. I should have done a before picture:

There was a printer, small table, briefcases and other stuff there and now it is clutter free, yay me! I have mentioned this before but I used Freecycle to recycle the stuff I did not need anymore.

The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 5,035 groups with 8,917,299 members around the world. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers (them's good people). Membership is free.

I was able to give away an exercise ball, a printer and an old rice cooker. I just set them on the porch and the recipient picked their item up at their convenience. I would totally recommend doing this if you have usable stuff to get rid of. The other thing is you can express wants as well. If you needed something for a craft project or DIY project, you can put it on there you would like something and if someone has the item they will let you know.

Sunday I met my brother and mom and Cheesecake Factory. I was surprised to see they had a new menu available in addition to their regular one:

At least they are giving people "better" options. They are listed as 590 calories or lower.  When we go there, we usually split something or order an appetizer as an entree but it is nice to see they are thinking about their obscenely sized portions. I had Eggs Benedict with spinach and tomatoes and fresh fruit. I had a Lemon Drop too. At 11:30 a.m. It kinda set the tone for the rest of the day. I went to Blinky's and had a few more Lemon Drops and then went home and relaxed.

My weight is holding steady. I know for sure I have lost inches but Tim and I did not get the opportunity to do final measurements due to the fiasco at the gym last Sunday. Speaking of... I have not heard back from Ben the Manager. How unprofessional of him, IMHO. He should have responded back by now. I may call him later when I am fully caffeinated and see what he has to say. Until next time...

P.S. Hi Diana! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brighter Than The Sun - Colbie Caillat

Stop me on the corner
I swear you hit me like a vision
I, I, I wasn't expecting
But who am I to tell fate where it's supposed to go with it
Don't you blink you might miss it
See we got a right to just love it or leave it
You find it and keep it
Cause it ain't every day you get the chance to say

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky
Shining how we want, brighter than the sun

I've never seen it, I found this love, I'm gonna feed it
You better believe, I'm gonna treat it better than anything I've ever had
Cause you're so damn beautiful
Read it, it's signed and delivered let's seal it
Boy we go together like peanuts and paydays and Marley and reggae
And everybody needs to get a chance to say

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky
Shining how we want, brighter than the sun

Everything is like a white out, cause we shika-shika a shine down
Even when the, when the light's out but I can see you glow
Got my head up in the rafters, got me happy ever after
Never felt this way before, ain't felt this way before

I swear you hit me like a vision
I, I, I wasn't expecting
But who am I to tell fate where it's supposed to go?

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky
Shining how we want, brighter than the sun, yeah
Oho, yeah, oho

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky
Shining how we want, brighter than the sun, yeah
Brighter than the sun.
Brighter than the sun.
Brighter than the sun.
Oho, yeah, oho

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun

**I started my day with this song, made me smile :-)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Young Forever" Jay-Z

Just heard this on Pandora for the first time. I liked it thought I would share :-)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sneezing and Stuff

I mentioned that I would be doing a book review today but I just don't have the mental capacity to do so properly so I am going to do it soon but not today.

Last night, I was watching TV and fell asleep on the couch. That is the 1st time I've done that.  I woke up about 9:30 p.m. and went to bed. I did wake up around 1:00 a.m. but fell back asleep right away. I can think a bit clearer today thank goodness. However, I have been sneezing and and blowing my nose all morning. I used this product and let me tell you how effective it is!!!
I heard about it from my doctor and tried it and it works really well. It is a fine mist and it doesn't make me gag like 99% of the other nasal sprays. Since I used it this morning in the shower I have not stopped sneezing and blowing my nose. That is a good thing but it is a little annoying.

Before I left for work, I checked my mail and had 3 little surprises. One was a postcard from Thailand from my friend Sonny - I collect postcards. Another one was a lovely card from Leigh and the third is actually a gift for my buddy Drazil. It looks like this

Doesn't it totally look like her! It is for her vest to girlie it up and also she can take a piece of me when she rides :-) Hope you all have a good weekend. It is supposed to be in the 70s here so looking forward to getting out on my bike again. Until next time...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keys, Candles and Cheese

On my way home I stopped at the Hallmark store because I needed a new key chain. This is what I got

These are a great invention! I am eternally misplacing my keys and these really help me keep track of their whereabouts. They are made by a company called Finders Key Purse. On their website they say the average woman spends a total of 7 hours a year searching for keys in her handbag! That is a lot of time!  While I was there I bought a Yankee Candle too. I am a candle burning chickie and I love any of the tropical and beachy smelling ones. This is the one I got this time
It's a two wick candle and it smells divine. I love the lighting candles provide as well as the lovely scents. Of all the candle companies, and I have tried them all, Yankee is in my top 2. My number one is PartyLite but they are not as easy to get and they are on the higher end of the price scale. I have a post about candles in my drafts that I need to polish and publish.

I have been using Laughing Cow cheese instead of mayonnaise and it tastes fab on sandwiches. With a wide choice of flavors you can really liven up a wrap/sandwich and cut your calories by 75%. Here are the flavors you can choose from

The sun-dried tomato flavor is my favorite right now. I want to try the queso fresco flavor too.

I am feeling a little better today. I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. last night. It was nice to get some extra rest.  Until next time..

P.S. I will be doing a book review tomorrow

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Withered Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I am wishing it was Friday. Hoping the day goes by quickly. I have been having a rough time lately on the emotional front and trying to keep my chin-up. I am struggling with my mom's situation and some others that I honestly can't mention because they are not my stories to tell. The silver lining is I am not choosing food to numb my pain. I am feeling so I am healing ;-)

I am also still a little upset about the whole gym situation. On one hand, I am glad to have the resource available and I pay $30/mo to use all of their locations which is a steal really. On the other hand, do I really use it and is it worth continuing to pay for it? I don't want to make a decision I will regret later. Maybe it will just work itself out with time. We shall see.

Did not try on the dresses like I planned. Either way, I took a big step in buying them so if it takes me a few days to try them on then that's okay. Until next time...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Thanks for the feedback on yesterday's post. I had an opportunity to talk to Ben the manager. While he was empathetic when speaking with me, he also mentioned that there might be some penalties for both of us. I was horrified. I do take responsibility for moving her mat over but there was no reason for her getting physical. What fries me is that if I had never reported it to the management then all would be well. In Tim's defense, he did try to diffuse the situation. What he should have done is gone and got the on-sight manager when I asked him to (when it happened!) but he wanted to continue working with me to utilize my time wisely. I did tell Ben that if there is any penalty imposed on me, I will cancel my membership. I don't need the bullsh*t and while it is a great resource, I can surely manage on my own. Side note: They let me make payments on the PT sessions and they have not asked for the 2nd payment and at this rate unless they do, I am not going to offer.

I still have not gone to see my mom. I really need to but honestly, I am happier when I don't have to deal with her. I know that sounds sad and harsh but she takes a lot of energy out of me and I am trying to take care of myself too. My brother is coming up again so that will help. She needs a new dishwasher so I am going to look for one online and hopefully have it delivered on Saturday.

Dave went back to Santa Cruz last night. It was nice to have the place to myself again. I had a friend come over and she commented that it felt like "Camp Katie" again which is what we used to call my old apartment. That made me smile. I have been spending quite a bit of time decorating and organizing so it was affirming to have her say that. Until next time...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh No You Didn't!

Good morning my friends! How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was good and interesting.  Saturday was a nice day and it ended up in the 90s! I did go for a bike ride and listened to the first chapter of The Lucky One on my iPod. I ended up going about 2 miles total. Then I decided to go dress shopping. I went to Ross and I was there for an hour and a half just poking around. These are the ones I picked. I have not tried them on but I will tonight.

The good news is the one on top was $9.99 and the other one was $11.99. They were also Plus Petite which is not easy to find. I am a shorty (5'2") and I drown in long lengths so major bonus. Even if they don't fit now, they will soon so it is all good.

Sunday was my last scheduled Personal Training appt. with Tim. My appt. was at 10:00 a.m. The gym was a lot less crowded then when I am usually there. Even though there were less people, there was a young woman who was too close for comfort. I asked her politely to move over a little bit and she said no. She said she was entitled to use that space as she paid her membership dues. I told her "I am spending $70 an hour so I am entitled to the space as well" Tim was trying to keep me focused but I was pissed off. Well, while she was doing another exercise, I decided to move her mat over and she charged me and physically pushed me while yelling at me. I was shocked! She then approached Tim and I told her that it was between her and I not him so I retaliated by pushing her back. She was a tiny gal but what a little scrapper. We had to file incident reports and everything. The manager will be in today so I can tell her what transpired. I can't believe that I was verbally and physically harassed at the gym in the same week! I am going to push to get them to comp me a session. I think it is utter BS that I am being treated like that by these punks. I am a grown woman and who wants to deal with that sh*t when they are going to the GYM!

After I got home, I hopped on my bike again and rode over to Blinky's and hung out for awhile. I did not drink. I wanted to trust me! It ended up being about 4 miles total. It felt great to be out there. The rest of the afternoon I just relaxed and prepared for the week. Until next time...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dermablend and Dealing

Happy Friday my friends! Hope you are all doing okay. I am hanging in there. It is really helping that the sun is shining bright outside today and it is going to be in the upper 70s low 80s. I am looking forward to getting outside and enjoying it.

I did another experiment with the Dermablend and this time I did it on my left leg which has larger NLD spots on it.


I was really pleased with the results. So pleased I am actually thinking about buying a dress! I have not worn a dress in at least 10 years so this is a big deal to me! Kinda makes me wish I had not waited so long to try it but such is life.

Tomorrow I need to go to my mom's and do some stuff. As I mentioned, I have been avoiding her but there is stuff that requires attention. I feel bad but there is only so much a person can handle. It will be fine. Dave will be leaving too. While I do enjoy his company, I am actually looking forward to the solitude.  It is like ripping off a band-aid when he leaves though. I always cry (what a sap!) but he'll always be my friend regardless. We started as friends and should have remained friends but that is another story.

Note to self: The weekend is not a free-for-all. Remain cognizant of what goes in your piehole!

Hope you all have a nice weekend! Until next time...

P.S. Meghan and Chica, I have been trying to comment on your blogs but I am having trouble. I just wanted you both to know I am still reading every day. Email me at katiejisonherway at gmail dot com, mmmkay?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kate's New Couch

Had a mellow night last night. Had the fajitas as planned and did some dancing. Instead of Wii it was actually Glee LOL. I had it on DVR and watched and danced to it. They were doing Saturday Night Fever songs. I have never seen Saturday Night Fever. I could sing you all the songs but never watched the actual movie. Have you seen it?

I bought a new couch!! The other one that I had was something that I picked up at Target and I have been pining for a new one since I moved in. I got a really good deal on it from a local shop.  I have been debating which pillows look best on it. Fortunately it's a neutral color so anything would match with it but I am thinking I like the first ones because they are a little brighter then the other ones. I could always switch them out if the spirit moves me. When I had the other one, I never laid down on it. It was way too uncomfortable because it had a bar right down the middle. Dave's daughter needed a new couch so I gave the other one to her. I am really happy with it and can actually lay down if need be.

Tonight we are having burgers. I am actually craving one. I don't eat fast food hamburgers anymore but do enjoy a homemade burger on occasion. Since the weather is nice, I can bbq them :-) Until next time...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We've Got A Winner!

Actually there are two! One is Leigh from Poonpalooza and the other is Jen at Losing the Shadow Behind Me. Congratulations ladies! I will get them sent out shortly. Please stay tuned as I will be hosting more giveaways soon.

Nothing too exciting on my agenda. I have been kinda avoiding my mom lately and I probably need to go over there soon. It is like she is on a repeat loop. She is saying and doing the same things over and over again and it is hard for me to handle. It is really a case of leading the horse to water. She has the tools and resources to change. Just like all of us, we did what we wanted until WE decided to make a change. In my humble opinion you can make changes at any age. Sure, when you are older it is not as easy but still doable.

Doing fajitas for dinner using leftovers and most likely will do some Wii or get out for a walk. The weather is getting nicer and I could use the change of scenery. Until next time...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rude Dude and Dermablend

I went to Personal Training as planned. Sunday will be my last session. There is a area of the gym that is dedicated to Personal Trainers/training. With each session, the area got more and more crowded. The thing is, these people were not trainers or training. Just people working out. I had issues a few times with people using the weights/machines we were using. I told more then one person that they needed to get out of the way so I could continue to do my thing. Yesterday took the cake though with this loud mouth dude yelling across the gym to his buddy. He was so loud I could not hear Tim. I asked him to please keep it down because I could not hear Tim and his response was "I don't give a sh*t, b*tch can't tell me what to f*ckin do!" Nice guy huh? I tried to ignore him but it was not easy. I will say something to the PT manager, Janell.  I am paying $70 an hour and want to get the most bang for my buck ya know what I mean.

After I got home, I made myself some chicken. After dinner, I decided to try a makeup called Dermablend. I have been wanting to try it for a long time but I was not sure it would work and it is a bit pricey. My intended use is on my legs to hide my NLD so I can wear capris, shorts and dresses/skirts again. It has been at least 10 years since I wore a dress in public. Here are the pictures I took before, during and after applying it. I was in the bathroom with my leg on the edge of the bathtub.



I think it worked well! Especially if I am going to be wearing pantyhose. Even if I didn't wear hose, it makes it look so much better. No one would look that close right? This leg is actually is less affected by the NLD and I will try the other leg and show you too. That will be the true test! It was a little time consuming to apply it but I think well worth it. It is waterproof and has a setting powder that makes it last all day. Until next time...

P.S. You still have time to enter the Sweaty Bands Giveaway! I will pick 2 winners tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Word Weekend

Hope you had a good weekend! My radio station, KFOG, asks listeners on Mondays to describe their weekend in three words and mine would be Family, Sun and Lavish.  What would your three words be?

Family is because we got together with our extended family for lunch on Saturday. We went to Coco's which is where we always go. There were 6 of us. Well, they ran out of glasses, they did not have soup, there were only two teas to choose from and our food took a long time. I excused myself and went and spoke to the manager. I told him about the trouble we were having and then sat back down at the table. Well about 10 mins later he came by the table and said lunch was on him. Yay me! We left a big tip for the waitress (Adie) since she is always good.

Sun is because it was actually sunny this weekend instead of us being pounded by rain. Dave and I went to the jacuzzi at Mariani's and sat poolside and I had a Lemon Drop and read my book, Moose: A Memoir on my Kindle.

Lavish because I decided to treat myself and bought a Tiffany charm called Take Flight. I was picking up my two other necklaces that I had had cleaned and decided to splurge and get it for myself. I already have the chain so I just bought the pendant.  Isn't it purrrrty?  They have a dragonfly too that I was drooling over. Hmmm maybe I will put it on my wish list :-)

Eating was okay over the weekend except for Friday. I had not had regular pizza in forever and I tried to eat some but it made my tummy hurt like mad. I am scheduled to meet with Tim tonight and complete session 7/10. My sinuses are driving me nuts today but I am going regardless. Until next time...

P.S. You still have time to enter the Sweaty Bands Giveaway! I will announce 2 winners Wednesday.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Rewind

This post was originally posted on March 27, 2010

Many women struggle with the issue of hair removal. Here's a guide to help you find the method that's best for you.

By Colette BouchezWebMD Feature
Reviewed by Norman Levine, MD

From peach-fuzz fringes to long, dark, or coarse growth, women have been doing battle with excess hair -- and hair removal -- for centuries.

For some, the problem is hereditary or related to ethnic heritage. For others, it can be caused by a medical condition such as polycystic ovaries or a hormone-secreting tumor, or even the result of hormonal changes linked to menopause. Still other women are interested in hair removal for areas such as legs, underarms, or bikini area, where growth is normal but sometimes undesirable. No matter the reason, there is no shortage of ways to cope. To help you decide which method of hair removal might be best for you, WebMD consulted several experts in the field. They helped us prepare this guide to the eight most popular methods of hair removal for women.

Hair Removal Method No. 1: Laser/Pulsed LightWhat It Does: One of the more popular ways to remove hair is via laser or pulsed light - energy that goes through the hair shaft down to the follicle, where it destroys the hair's root. "The hair does not immediately come out during a laser treatment. Instead, it weakens and falls out over time because we've blown away the root," says dermatologist David Goldberg, MD, director of Skin and Laser Surgery of New York and New Jersey and the author of a medical textbook on laser hair removal. Goldberg says the newest laser, called DUET, combines laser with a little bit of suction for even better results. "It pulls the hair into the follicle, allowing the beam to penetrate deeper," says Goldberg. This means doctors can safely treat larger areas at one time and more comfortably for the patient, he says. Best For : Laser hair removal can be done anywhere on the body. The best candidates are women with dark hair and light skin. Lasers won't work on white hair, and they are much less effective on blond hair, which Goldberg says usually responds best to electrolysis. While most lasers work on the skin of Hispanics, only one, called the Nd:YAG, is safe for black skin. All other hair removal lasers increase the risk of hyperpigmentation (dark spots), as well as burning and scarring, which can lead to the creation of keloids (scar tissue). How Long It Takes : It usually requires 5-7 sessions, with a touch-up about once a year thereafter. Cost : The cost runs between $150 and $500, or sometimes more depending on how many treatments are needed.

Hair Removal Method No. 2: Electrolysis
What It Is : The only method of hair removal that is permitted to be called "permanent," electrolysis uses a tiny needle that slides down into the hair follicle until it reaches the cells responsible for hair growth. "Electrolysis destroys the cells that cause the hair to grow. The hair will release and slide right out and it won't grow back there again -- it's permanent removal," says Patsy Kirby, executive director of the American Electrology Association in Bodega Bay, Calif. The process can be uncomfortable, but local anesthetic creams can help. Best For : Like other forms of hair removal, it is safe to do electrolysis anywhere on the body, though Kirby says the most popular place for women is the face. How Long It Takes : Though the system requires that the removal be done hair-by-hair, Kirby says it's not as daunting a task as it might seem. "It can take up to 25 sessions, depending on how much you need removed, but each session may only be 5 or 10 minutes long," says Kirby. Cost: Costs run between $40 and $90 per treatment, with 10 to 25 treatments (or more) sometimes necessary for permanent, lasting results. Potential Drawback : Electrolysis can cause tiny scars where the needle is inserted. Though for most people they heal unnoticed, for blacks it means an increased risk of hyperpigmentation and formation of keloids. Thus, it's not recommended for this skin type.

Hair Removal Method No. 3: VaniqaWhat It Is: This topical prescription cream, also known as eflornithine 13.9%, works by blocking an enzyme that would otherwise stimulate hair growth. Without the enzyme, hair growth is retarded in that area, and eventually may stop. Joel Schlessinger, MD, president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, says Vaniqa is not a hair remover, so it is best used in conjunction with other methods, particularly lasers."If you apply it after laser treatments as an adjunct, it can help retard and then stop hair growth," says Schlessinger. Other experts say treatment can also work on its own, but requires a patient commitment of 8 weeks to 6 months before full results are seen. Studies show that the longer the cream is used, the better results will be. Vaniqa is applied twice daily. Best For : Vaniqa works best for facial hair growth on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks."Because of the cost, and difficulty and feasibility of applying it to large areas, it's not recommended for hair removal in large areas of the body, such as the legs or arms," says Schlessinger. Schlessinger says it is, however, an effective way to remove white or non-pigmented hair, which does not respond to laser treatment. Studies show Vaniqa is safe to use in combination with birth control pills and other hormone treatments when the cause of unwanted hair stems from reproductive problems such as polycystic ovaries. It is also safe for all ethnic groups and skin types. Cost : Vaniqa costs between $80 and $225 per tube.

Hair Removal Method No. 4: Waxing
What It Is : It's been around for centuries, but today's waxes are far different than the sticky honey treatments of the past. "Today we use a soy-based compound that does not stick to the skin, bonding only to the hair," says waxing technician Michelle Serniuk of Beyond Day Spa at the Hackensack University Medical Center. The soy cream is applied, then covered with special cloth strips. When the wax sets, the strips are removed, taking the hair with it."Because it only sticks to hair, not skin, it produces a kinder, gentler waxing, with less damage and pain when the wax is removed," says Serniuk. Best For : Waxing can remove hair anywhere on the body, including the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, arms and legs. A bikini wax removes hair that might show when you're wearing a skimpy bathing suit bottom, while a Brazilian wax removes all hair from the genital area. Cost: The cost of waxing runs from about $10 for an upper lip, to $70 for upper and lower legs or a Brazilian wax. The procedure must be repeated every few weeks.Potential Drawback : Because soy waxing removes the entire hair -- the root, bulb and shaft -- Serniuk says it's vital to use an antibacterial lotion afterwards. "Because the follicle is so open you need to take some precautions to prevent infection," she says. Waxing is best done in a spa or salon, but home kits are available. However, experts warn that it's vital to do the procedure in hygienic conditions and to follow treatment with an antibacterial lotion. Done incorrectly, Surniak says, waxing can lead to a nasty skin infection.

Hair Removal Method No. 5: ShavingWhat It Is: Whether done with an electric or straight razor, shaving is akin to cutting hair - only it does so ultra-close to the skin. Shaving does not remove hair at the root, nor does it disturb the follicle. That means the effects are temporary, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Although the myth persists that shaving makes hair grow back coarser or more plentiful, dermatologist Bruce Katz, MD, says this isn't so. In fact, as early as 1928, researcher Mildred Totter showed that shaving didn't affect hair growth - a finding that has been echoed in several studies since. Speaking at the American Academy of Dermatology's 2005 annual meeting, Katz said that ways to minimize shaving problems include: Making sure hair is thoroughly wet first.
Shaving in the direction the hair grows. Avoiding repeating strokes. Keeping skin relaxed while shaving. Potential Drawback: If hair is coarse - particularly in the bikini area - shaving can cause ingrown hairs. Katz says this occurs when the cut hairs curl back into the skin instead of growing out. This can be especially problematic for black women, who are prone to infections caused by the ingrown hairs.

Hair Removal Method No. 6: Depilatories
What It Is: These creams and lotions use a chemical compound designed to dissolve the proteins that make up hair. Unlike shaving, which leaves sharp, hard, hair stubble just below the skin, depilatories leave a rounded, smoother edge - so stubble is minimized and regrowth appears to take longer. Still, treatments usually need to be repeated at least weekly, if not more often. Best For : Best used for hair on the face, arms, and legs, many depilatories are not recommended for eyebrows or for use in the genital area. Cost : Cost is between $5-$10 per tube or bottle.

Hair Removal Method No. 7: Tweezing
What It Is: Tweezing pulls hair out at the root. However, it does not affect the follicle, from which hair grows, so it's only a matter of time before another one sprouts up. "Hair grows in cycles, so the time in the cycle when you remove it determines in part how quickly another will take its place," says Goldberg. Unlike shaving, which allows hair to grow back the same size as the follicle, hair that is plucked grows back with a tapered end, meaning it is softer and less noticeable when it first comes in. Eventually, however, it will grow back to its normal thickness. Best For : Tweezing is best used to remove hair on small areas of the face - such as the upper lip, chin, or eyebrows.

Hair Removal Method No. 8: Oral Contraceptives and Hormones
What It Is: For women whose hair growth is hormone-related -- most often caused by a condition known as polycystic ovary syndrome -- medications can help. The condition is known as hirsutism. Treatment includes drugs designed to reduce levels of androgens, the hormones linked to excess hair growth. Medications commonly include birth control pills and/or anti-androgens, such as spironolactone, cyproterone acetate, and flutamide.

This is a fairly good article from WebMd which is one of my go-to websites. I have had PCOS and have to deal with the facial hair growth from that and it is no fun at all. I have tried almost every treatment available and wanted to tell you my personal experiences with each.

  1. Laser Removal: I did a series of treatments about 6 years ago. I went every 6 weeks for a year. It was a fairly new technology back then and I thought it was fairly effective. It was about $1,200. It felt like someone snapping rubber bands on your skin. Annoying but not that painful. They put a numbing cream on prior to the treatment to help with the pain. I did go for a few follow up appointments for maintenance but did not keep it up thereafter. There have been many advancements in this technology and even though it is so costly, I think it is very effective.
  2. Electrolysis: I have done electrolysis and think it is the most painful of all the treatments. It is expensive as well. I spent at least $500 on treatments. They stick a needle into the hair follicle and the electric current is supposed to kill the hair at the root. It does grow back and again, I think it is too painful for the effectiveness.
  3. Waxing: I have had a lot of waxing done on my face. It can hurt but after doing it for so long I got used to it. Although, when she would do my upper lip it always brings tears to my eyes. I have never done anything other then my face.
  4. Depilatories: I have never been much of a fan of depilatories. Mostly because of the smell. One time I did apply it to my face and it ended up burning and leaving marks on my face so I never tried it again.
  5. Tweezing: Everyone has tweezed hairs. Painful but cheap and handy. No explanation needed here.
  6. Shaving: Everyone has shaved. Some do more then others but basically no explanation needed here.
  7. Threading: I am surprised that the article does not mention threading. I believe it is probably the oldest method of hair removal. I just started doing the threading last year and I really like it. It does hurt. I won't lie about that. However, I think it is one of the most effective ways because the regrowth does not occur as fast as the other methods. Plus it is inexpensive. It is only $10 to do my eyebrows and $20 for the whole face.
  8. Medications: I have never used hormones or birth control pills for controlling hair growth. Not sure how effective they are.
Hope this sheds some light on some of the hair removal methods from a professional and personal standpoint. Everyone is different and has different pain thresholds but for now, I am going to stick with threading and shaving for my hair removal needs. Until next time...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Good morning ladies and gents (if there are any gents!) Happy Friday the 13th! I am not too superstitious but I am not taking any chances either LOL! It has been really stormy here in the bay area. In fact, yesterday, Dave was umpiring and they had to call the game because of lightening. That kind of stuff doesn't usually happen for us here in Cali. I guess last night there was a lot of thunder and lightening but I never heard it. I am zonked out with my CPAP machine.

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my father's passing.  Hard to believe it has been that long and it still stings but life does move on whether we like it or not. I wanted to share with you an oddity that happened recently. My mom and I had placed some silk hydrangeas on his grave for spring. There is a permanent vase that they go into. Sometimes the weather or the mower mows them down but they usually hold up pretty well. So, I went to put some red roses on the grave and there were no hydrangeas and I am thinking... hmmm that's odd.  There happened to be a new grave next to his and there were they were. There was no identification on the grave which is very unusual. They put a metal holder with an index card usually but nothing was on this grave and then they took the flowers from our grave and added a flag to it and stuck directly in the ground. Very odd! Not that we mind but just strange isn't it? We have had some random flowers show up and never found out who put them there... very peculiar...

My dad's with roses
Unmarked grave
I am scheduled to go to the gym tonight at 6:00 p.m. I get off at 5:00 but I will go directly there and do some stretching and warm up.  I am grateful he is allowing me to make up for missing on Monday night. My brother will be around this weekend so I will end up doing something with the extended family but I plan on taking it easy other then some dancing with Zumba or the Wii. Have a good weekend! Until next time...
P.S. Did you enter the giveaway? I am going to extend the deadline until next Wednesday

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweaty Bands Giveaway!

Went to the gym as scheduled. I managed through it but it wasn't easy let me tell you but I was so glad I pushed through it.  I will be making up the missed session tomorrow after work.  Dave made dinner for me before he left to umpire a game so that was nice.  Salmon, fingerling potatoes and green beans. Yummy! I sure do lurve my salmon.

Have you ever heard of Sweaty Bands? I read about them on one of the fitness blogs that I read and fell in love with them right away. Since I have been training, I have been sweating up a storm and was irritated that it would drip in my eyes and I thought to myself "Hmmm, I should wear a sweat band so I won't drip sweat all over" So, I hopped on over to Sweaty Bands and picked out two styles for myself, one thinner one and a thicker one. I did send one of them to a friend and kept one for myself.

My fave colors!
Since I love them so much, I asked if they would be willing to provide me with one for a giveaway and they sent me 2 so we will have two winners. Please leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite color is. That's it! If you want an additional entry, you can tweet about the giveaway. Also, if you have never commented on my blog before, you can get an additional entry. I will announce the winner on Monday, April 16th. Best of luck to you all! This is open to US and Canada only. Until next time...

P.S. I miss you pops!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weary Wednesday

How are you this morning? I am feeling better but not 100% yet.  I ate mild foods yesterday in an effort to soothe my sour stomach. It worked for the most part but I intend on keeping foods mild and drinking LOTS of water.  I got my haircut after work which always makes me feel better. It also shows I need to color my hair STAT! I color my own because it is too expensive to get it done in the salon but it is also a pain in the patootee. Luc mentioned that if you use a semi-permanent color that instead of having a line of growth (gray) that it fades slowly and shows less of a contrast. Something to think about.

Katie J today :)
I am scheduled to do Personal Training tonight with Tim.  I am going come hell or high water but I hope I can push through it.  Not sure if I mentioned that he said I could make up the Monday session either tomorrow or Saturday. I'm definitely going to take him up on it. I'm still beating myself up about the weekend but I can't let it get me down. I just need to move forward like I know how. It just sucks that one day of screwing up can have a ripple affect. Until next time...

P.S. I have a giveaway starting tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sabatoge and Stuff

How are you all doing today? Did you miss me?  I was sick yesterday and I did not post. I don't want to rehash the whole story but I did some self-sabotaging on Sunday and it made me sick so I stayed home from work. I am doing a better today but still a little on the shaky side. The scale is up :-( but I am trying not to fret about it too much. Tim said I could make up the PT session later this week, thank goodness. I can't tailspin! I have to push forward and I'm back on track this morning.

It is Dave's birthday today. He is 61! What an OG! I am going to get my hair cut after work and then we will grab a bite to eat. Whatever it is, it needs to be mild and healthy. He wants to go to Denny's but I don't so he will go have breakfast with his buddy. He is staying over to take care of a few things. I do like him having him there like I said before BUT there is something to be said about living alone too. Until next time...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fantastic Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! It's Good Friday today but it is also a Fantastic Friday for me.  I weigh daily and when I got on the scale this morning, this is what I saw. I don't usually take pics of my weight/scale but I needed evidence that it was true! That means I am down 5 lbs. since I started the Personal Training and it is 12.5% of my goal to be down to 215 by September. The lowest I have been on this journey is 248 and everything after that is new territory. What an excellent way to start my day!

I came up with the idea to go to dinner with my mom tomorrow and then be on my own on Sunday. That way we can avoid some of the crowds but still get together to celebrate Easter. I think I want to leave her caregiver at home so it is just the two of us. We shall see. Dave is going back over the hill today. I cried when I left my apartment this morning. What a sap I am! I have never been good at goodbyes. It has been nice having his company though.

Going to the gym this weekend is on the agenda. I plan on doing cardio and some resistance. I also would like to swim but we'll see.  I also want to go to the mall which to me is an adventure. They call it a Shopping Town and there are 192 stores. I want to go to Tiffany to drop off my necklace for cleaning, The Body Shop to use a Groupon I have and to Bare Escentuals to get my makeup done.

Hope you all have a nice weekend and Easter if you celebrate. Until next time...

P.S. I have a giveaway planned for next week :-)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trepidation Thursday

I went to my Personal Training appt. with Tim as planned. He decided he wanted to give me a harder workout incorporating more cardio and resistance. It was tough! He said I did well and I felt I did my best but for whatever reason it made me cry again. He must think I am a piece of work! Actually he was very understanding about it. What was really encouraging was there were two young ladies that were stretching with foam rollers while I was doing my workout and they both complimented me on my hard work and so did their trainer. Now my objective is to get there on my own between now and Monday. Last week I did not make it. This week I will. I most likely won't do a class but do cardio and then weights. 
Well, I got on the scale this morning and I am down 1 lb. this week. Of course, I wanted it to be more but I will take it. I can feel that changes that are happening with my body and muscles so I know I am moving in the right direction. I am on target with my goal of losing 35 lbs. by Fitbloggin'12 which will also bring me to 100 lbs. lost.

I am leaving work an hour early to go to a doctors appt. with my mom. Dave is going to make salmon for us for dinner and I will eat when I get home. I am a little nervous about the appt. but I am sure it will be fine. Until next time...

P.S. Check out Brooke's before and after pictures!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sore and Sharps

Happy Hump day! How y'all doing? I am doing pretty good. I didn't do much last night as far as activity. Honestly, I was a little sore still from Monday night. I made chicken for dinner and used a Pomegranate salsa and it came out very tasty. I had never seen pomegranate salsa before so I thought it was worth a try and it did not disappoint. Dave really liked it too. Looks like he will be staying a few more days to go to the dentist and some other appts. He has been buying groceries and doing some projects around the apt. so that has been helpful.

Tonight I have Personal Training with Tim. This will be my 6th visit out of 10.  I got a message from my SIL (she has an accounting firm) that I am getting a sizable tax refund. I am thrilled! It will cover the cost of my PT and then some. I decided to treat myself to something else but want to do separate post on that.

I have run into a dilemma with my sharps disposal (needles/syringes) I have been doing insulin for about 3 years now and I have always put the used sharps in a container that I could pick up at a drugstore or my pharmacy for about $5-$7. When the containers were full, I could bring them to Kaiser and drop them off in their designated drop box. Well, all of a sudden they are not available any more. The ones they have are $26 each which includes a box and postage to mail them somewhere to be disposed of. No way am I paying that much! I did end up finding and ordering a few of the cheaper ones on eBay and Amazon so I have some to tide me over but sheesh! I did call the manufacturer (BD) and they referred me to two places I can order them through the mail so I at least have options but I wonder what's up and why the change in availability. Hopefully, when I get to goal weight, I won't have to do insulin anymore. It remains to be seen. Until next time...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did it and Distracted

Went to the gym last night as planned. Have I mentioned I am not a fan of Mondays? LOL! It went well and I tried to not be snarky. I have to give a special shout out to Deb at Deb's Losing It! She gave me encouragement (via Twitter) and helped me change my grumpy attitude. Thanks Deb! After the gym I came home and made Boboli. Easy and tasty. Dave had never tried it either and he liked it too. I said in yesterday's post that I am scheduled for PT tonight but I was mistaken. It's for tomorrow - just like last week.

April is Natl. Distracted Driver Awareness Month. Every day on my way to and from work I see distracted drivers and it makes me SO angry. I don't know if there is more of it going on here since we are in Silicon Valley and a hub of technology but it's a daily occurrence. Hopefully people will get the message and think before they dial or text. Bottom line, what could be so important that you would risk your life to say or text?

Not sure what our plans are for Easter this Sunday. My brother is working in the area so he may be able to join us. I will check with him today.  April is not a great month for us. My dad passed away right after Easter so it has been kinda funky celebrating it ever since. Interesting bit of Katie J trivia... I have never been to a church service on Easter or Christmas. I have always wanted to by my folks said it's too crowded on those days. It is on my list of things I would like to do... Until next time...